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West Semi Trailer Dolly v1.0
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West Semi Trailer Dolly v1.0

West Semi Trailer Dolly
A fully customizable dolly with 4 different wheel options, single or dual axle options, wheel cover options, and is completely color customizable! This dolly also includes the first ever lockable fifth wheel hitch on Farming Simulator. This funciton makes reversing trailers easier!
To lock the dolly, disconnect the trailer from the dolly, select the dolly and "fold" it, then re-connect the trailer. The indicator light on the dolly base will be on when the dolly is locked. Repeat the steps to unlock the dolly.

West Semi Trailer Dolly Details:
- Base Price: $5000
- Color selectable body, wheel covers, and rims
- Single or Dual Axle
- Wheel cover and mudlfap options
- Mudflap decals on/off
- A-Frame drawbar or straight drawbar
- Optional brake/reversing lights


  • Trailer
    2020-10-29 21:53
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    what a waste of time where the fuck is the trailers
    • Karlfarms
      2020-10-30 02:29 Send message
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      They are released as well
  • Lol


    2020-11-02 01:18
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    Haha... More like a waste of typing.
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