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Fertilizer Tanks v1.0.0.0
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Fertilizer Tanks v1.0.0.0

Fertilizer tanks to place on your farm to fill your sprayers.
Game Farming Simulator 19
Manufacturer VD Industries
Category Object
Author VertexDezign
Size 6.29 MB
Released 08.05.2019
Platform PC/MAC, PS4, XB1

Required Mods:
- Mbp 9, FMSZ 2K (By: Patyesz modding)


  • 3verland
    2019-05-08 17:00 Send message
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    Is it always full, and you're actually buy fertilizer from the store, or is this a tank that can be filled with liquid fertilizer?
  • Ray


    2019-05-08 17:30
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    no you can buy it from the tank you just have to activate it as I've used it already, hope this answers your question
  • Endy1
    2019-05-08 19:21 Send message
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    These mods are not good.Waste the whole ....
  • 3verland
    2019-05-08 23:35 Send message
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    I need a storage tank for liquid fertilizer, I'm using a production facility mod to produce my own liquid fertilizer.
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