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Kirovets K-700A v1.0.0.0
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Kirovets K-700A v1.0.0.0

Completely redesigned, partially completed 3d model of the tractor.
Standard tractor physics + with my modifications.
New sound. + new written xml for sounds.
Completely new specular map + normal map.
Full animation of devices with illumination (realLight), signal lamps, levers and other details of salon.
Full driver animation with external camera.
Animation of dynamic parts without registration as an additional object, through the standard features of the game. (mudguards, trailer, headphones in the cabin).
Multiple choice of external and internal tuning.
Breaking frame.
Dynamic hydrolines.
Select the color of individual parts when shopping in the store. (Main color, Front grille, roll cage, Cabin, Decal(decals), Color of the wheel rim).
A choice of 6 types of engines YAMZ V8 YAMZ V12:
YaMZ-238 (235hp) Standart.
YaMZ-238ND4 (250hp).
YaMZ240B (300hp).
YaMZ240BM (300hp).
YaMZ-7512 (360hp).
YaMZ-7513 (400hp).
4 types of wheels to choose from:
Double wheels
Wide tires-MITAS
Wide tires-MICHELIN
– Adjustable hitch: (Hold LCM)
LOG is clean

Author: SFM-modding, Erlan10.
Contributors: dimaks, Ra$$el, IGORyaN, Sergey Danilenkov, Northern_Strike, МАС, Aluha74rus, Timerzyanov102, Andy Vertlib.

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    And the author asked to keep the original link .... you must at least respect the authors ((((
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    Звук движка ни о чем.Такое чувство как будто он в тоннеле едет.Автору за модель ставлю лайк а разрабам за 19-шку дизлайк.Пластмасса!!!
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    THOMAS, if you publish other people's mods on other sites, you need to insert the author’s link (asshole!)https://www.simulatorgamemods.com/fs17-scania-agrotruck-pack-v1-1a/?unapproved=124977&moderation-hash=d862ca620f6c266fd3669785ffa2fcdd#comment-124977
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    You are talking to a bot... Thomas is not a person.
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