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2020 Ford F-Series (F-250, F-350, F-450) v1.2.2.0
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2020 Ford F-Series (F-250, F-350, F-450) v1.2.2.0

2020 stock edit of the f-series 2-450! Huge thanks to Rodrigo and David for some advice, mods themselves, and some scripting help. To be warned this mod can be a slight bit frame heavy on lower-end computers but shes worth it hope you all enjoy and have a Happy Holiday!

Roro Customs, Mrboomnastic

  • Moddude102
    2019-12-31 00:45 Send message
    8 8
    awesome you are an amazing modder thx!
  • Ranch
    2019-12-31 00:46 Send message
    14 25
    This truck was not meant to be put on modhub you stupid people need to learn ask before you post on mod website you stupid idiot
  • Name
    2019-12-31 02:10
    1 9
    the truck is to low the front end needs to get lifted to plow the truck need more color options and wheel paint
  • Name
    2019-12-31 06:09
    5 10
    People are so stupid... Please don't release mods released in groups without permission.... This is exactly why modders quit and the mods lack and game gets boring..
  • Ummmm
    2019-12-31 07:20
    7 4
    in no way does it say the uploader is the creator. the uploader gave proper credits to the mod, so why they fuck are you guys complaining so much?!?!
  • James
    2019-12-31 08:32
    10 0
    yeah im on the fence about the so called leaking a mod , so one side I can see someone being upset that it was uploaded on a mod site without permission and or not giving the proper credits ( but everyone knows if you upload it once its going to spread like an std in a whore house) , and for the other side i notice alot of these modders post pics daily on social media sites showing the progression so it seems like they planned on releasing it either way ? I mean at the end of the day they ar
  • James
    2019-12-31 08:38
    4 1
    at the end of the day though I am thankful I got to use a cool mod so for that I thank the creator !
  • 5th wheel ? ? ?
    2019-12-31 12:43
    1 1
    Nice looking truck with a lot of features, but...(1 ) That's not a true 5th wheel attachment, not a single one of my 5th wheel trailers will attach to it. (2) it could use better sounds. You've got it setup for a "ball hitch" 5th wheel, and not a regular 5th wheel with top plate and king pin.
  • Benchw
    2019-12-31 15:32 Send message
    0 3
    Get used 2 it... Expendables stole 3 of our trucks from our private site... All they did was put there name on 2 of em and they totaly fckd up converting 1 making the file 3 times the size... I can see sharing parts 2 make mods, we wouldn't have the mods we have if we didnt! But putting ur name on someone elses work to make a measely couple dollars is just lazy and disrespectful... Why we quit releasing mods in 17.....
  • Clutch05
    2019-12-31 16:19 Send message
    6 1
    who gives a fricking fuck, its a game retards
  • Name
    2019-12-31 19:10
    2 3
    if you aren't the modder don't put the truck on another website
  • Adam1181
    2019-12-31 19:11 Send message
    10 0
    HaHaHa The comments are better then the mod, Keep going everyone this is fun
  • Losers
    2019-12-31 20:31
    3 1
    I cant stand the nonstop whining about mods being leaked. Go cry elsewhere you DO NOT own your mods!!!!
  • Upnya
    2020-01-01 02:08
    0 1
    wont save either
  • Wha wha wha
    2020-01-01 02:54
    3 0
    snowflakes, quit your bitchin, cry somewhere else you little pieces of shit. no cares if your mommy or daddy didnt give you enough milk or love when you were younger. who cares if this mod wasn't uploaded by modder, IF THEY RELEASE MOD PUBLIC, ITS PUBLIC!!!! SIMPLE AS THAT. people still don't seem to understand: when you put something on the internet, its for all to see and all to share. bitch please, you people actin' like its your first day on the internet *smh*.
  • Me


    2020-01-01 20:42
    0 2
    where can I find a snow plow for them?
  • ?????
    2020-01-01 23:33
    0 6
    The best truck mod
  • Alphamods
    2020-01-02 20:05 Send message
    1 1
    Hey everyone I just wanted to come out and apologize to the original modder for putting this mod on here without permission. I just saw it and wanted to get it out to more ppl since it is a awesome mod, but I didn't know that he didn't want it to be posted on modhub and that it wasn't the finished version. I am currently trying to get it removed from modhub although I don't know if it'll help anything since it is already on other mod sites. So I just wanted to say sorry to the original modder an
  • Alphamods
    2020-01-02 20:26 Send message
    0 2
    d that it won't happen again
  • Name
    2020-01-02 20:42
    2 1
    Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of one's view's and by trying to make it objectified, and by considering each and every one's valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say
  • Bob


    2020-01-03 22:08
    2 1
    I'm ok with my mods being reposted so long as the original download link is posted and im given proper credit. I dont mod for money but I do recieve a VERY small incentive when people use the links i provide. Think of it kind of like youtube views. For clarification this isn't my mod and Im not speaking for other modders. For this mod I don't think either of those links are original links so i'll go find this mod from the original modder and download there.
  • Jeff
    2020-01-05 00:42
    0 2
    I Love this mod my only thing is I wish that the off road tires could come as a single or dually
  • Fireman119
    2020-01-05 08:55 Send message
    0 1
    need to update great mod
  • Fireman119
    2020-01-05 22:30 Send message
    1 0
    when are you going to come out with an update
  • Simr part one
    2020-01-09 09:47
    2 1
    @ Alphamods - apologizing after the fact? means what? all is forgiven. the lesson you need to teach yourself from this..is you DONT have the right to DO anything YOU want - when you want..then apologize for doing everything you want - even when what you do is wrong. that's narcissism.
  • Simr part duh
    2020-01-09 09:52
    2 1
    @ Alphamods continued - see, your counting on the fact, that because you fessed up to releasing this mans mod - AFTER THE FACT that 'Im Sorry' is ok, and all is good. when you know and I know- your not sorry for stealing this mans un-finished mod and rushing (Russian) this mod out for public use at all..and you will do it again. Thieves don't stop Thieving and Liars never stop Lying..
  • Simr part duh - continued
    2020-01-09 09:55
    2 1
    @ Alphamods - fools are creatures of Habit, they keep doing the same shit over and over expecting a different result or outcome. you were in a private group - took this mans mod, violated code of honor..subjecting your integrity to ridicule because that's what you do to idiots..you do ridicule them..how else is vindication for your actions repaid?
  • Simr - closing
    2020-01-09 10:03
    2 1
    @ Alphamods - when are you young people actually going to grow up? grown up isn't a fucking age number. I got 12 mods ill give you, or anyone else..mods I paid for..IF YOU WOULD STOP THE FUCKING THEIVING and stop making excuses for your bad choices. The Fuck you doing starting out LIFE as a worthless THIEVE - huh? Really? over a fucking Mod? and you blow all of your integrity on this mod - YOU CANT GET BACK. Sorry doesn't change or fix you. STOP DOING WHAT YOUR DOING..THAT CHANGES - YOU
  • Simr
    2020-01-09 10:19
    2 1
    ITS 2020 man..cant we at least TRY - to be, say and do better..for our own benefit, for our own growth? Jim Morrison (the doors) wasn't a political man at all - however, his political beliefs were, we change on the inside - we have an impact on the outside. what about holding yourself accountable..responsible BEFORE YOU DO THE DIRTY DEED. that builds strength in your character .. its called self esteem and integrity. or just be a worthless thief and stop apologizing -for being a worthless thief.
  • Simr
    2020-01-09 10:28
    2 1
    Alphamods - you ain't no alpha male homeboy (ladyboy) Alpha males don't loose sleep over the opinions of sheep. im the Alpha male here. I wont tolerate you thief..im the white elephant in the room that will remind you - you aint shit, then show how much worthless shit you really are - THATS ALPHA. You Alphabet Cereal Killer..YOU NEED A ROLE MODEL
  • @simr
    2020-01-09 19:30
    2 0
    then how about you be his role model instead of being a COMPLETE ASS towards him?!?! no wonder nobody likes you, everyone hates being around you because you are a total dick towards everyone. do you like being alone while everyone else is out being happy and having a great time? i'm guessing you're one of "those" people who hate fun and is only serious all the time. like i said before, no wonder everyone hates you, it all makes complete sense now.
  • Lol


    2020-01-09 20:29
    2 0
    LOL SIMR is triggered once again boys!
  • Simr
    2020-01-09 20:33
    1 0
    I don't give two fucks about anyone here liking me- I HAVE FRIENDS. ok simpleton liberal minded fuckwad..how ELSE does one deal with THIEVERY? smack them on the hand, and send them out to play? YOU fuckers don't know me, IVE RAISED MY KIDS..but they weren't Thieves, Liars, or douche bags either. I Put my tow kids through college. Hate me- I don't give a fuck- you Hate..because YOUR A HATER (end of story)..AND FUCK HOW YOU FEEL..Deez Nutts Bitch
  • @simr
    2020-01-10 02:56
    2 0
    you had children?!?!?!?! wtf, you shouldn't have bred with anyone, it must suck that you bred with sum butterface bitch, or sum ugly whore that you met on the street. it's sad.
  • @simr
    2020-01-10 03:02
    2 0
    and you "say" you have "kids," what makes you think you can talk like that when you know better? I'm guessing, from what you have said, it sounds like you are in your late 30s, early 40s? how about you be a better role model for your children instead of acting like a complete child, what you are teaching them is that it is ok to behave like you are. and tbbh, you're the only hater here, because you get so triggered by everything people say, it's really funny!!!
  • @simr
    2020-01-10 03:08
    2 0
    erase what i said about you being 30s/40s. i should've read closer, i now know you're just some old fucker who has wayyyyyyyy to much free time on their hands, i bet you are retired and living off of our wages? yeah, that's what I thought, now, please go into your corner to rot, because I am sure you are not too far from it.
  • Gary
    2020-01-10 05:03
    2 0
    Oh shit! Simr just got hella burned! :O
  • Simr
    2020-01-10 10:40
    1 1
    Role Model? I am no there for your - education, or educating your bastard children..i give no fucks about you or your children, or your mothers fathers brothers children - you raise the mother fuckers right and make sure they stay out of my yard. my age don't have anything to do with this topic. and for you to yell at me on cyber- we know your not a grown up.
  • Simr - continued
    2020-01-10 10:43
    1 1
    you people are the ones 'trolled' by my words, what I say. sets in your mind like a bomb..waiting for you to get your shorts in a knott - then Bamb. you respond- you will anyways..its ALL YOU HAVE..is your cyber bully punk ass personality - YOUR always right..no your not..you like to argue and bicker too much...means
  • Simr - part duh
    2020-01-10 10:46
    1 1
    everything to you is a fucking debate- see...chicken shits like you and your friends talking shit daily on this site..have not the testicle fortitude to walk away from my words, you cant ignore me..know why? I'm your fucking conscience..i am the resistance..i don't fucking follow a group, or the crowd- I think and do for myself...and I defend myself better than I can type. Chicken Shit!
  • Simr - fuck you
    2020-01-10 10:54
    1 1
    I will hand it to you fag ass modders and your boyfriends..you stupid mother fuckers can do - one thing I can't do. You Can Kiss My Ass, And I Can't. get up from this post, and go look in the mirror..YOU AINT GOT ENOUGH BALLS to ever approach me in the streets - so don't take my words so hard - like a dick - faggot. Mouthy turds like you, aren't a challenge..you aint worth tracking down, and whooping your ass. there is NO fight in you- ONLY WORDS CYBER COWARD. Buh Bye! have a better life and a n
  • Name
    2020-01-10 11:26
    1 1
    SimR said: He's got a bad ass 60 card White deck he uses on MTG Arena..that will make you Concede by turn 6. He will run his Knights through you like a hot knife through butter, call his angels down upon you like the plague, chain your creatures to the table and turn them against you. SiMR turns 0/4 walls into 4/4 flying first attackers, all while taking your land to use for his mana. the longer you stay in the game, determines how severe you get punished. He will teach you a side of MTG..not ev
  • @simr
    2020-01-10 22:34
    1 0
    lmao xD
  • Todd
    2020-01-10 22:43
    2 0
    SimR is the best damn person I've seen on this mod site! He speaks truth to all of these haters (like the fag @simr) and is not afraid to say anything to anybody! I fucking respect you man! Keep being you and destroy these haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the other note, to you @@Simr..... fuck you!!!!!!!!! Get lost, we don't want you haters on the site, no wonder SimR always burns you to a crisp!!!! AHAHAHAAHA!!
  • Um.wow
    2020-01-11 03:33
    1 0
    These comments are just........ wow, where do I begin.
  • Foxpro11
    2020-01-15 00:31 Send message
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