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Agro Park Map v1.2.0.6
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Agro Park Map v1.2.0.6

American and Hungarian style 2×2 high course with big land!

What’s on it:
– 5 sales points
– 1 large plant
– 3 large meadows (1 for each bunker silo)
– Starter silo storage (not for sale)
– Transport applications
– filling station (seeds, fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, weed, lime)
– fuel tank

Earth Dimensions:
1: 6.1ha
2: 80.4ha
3: 42.2ha
4: 21.3ha
5: 52.9ha
6: 37.2ha
7: 11.5ha
8: 42.6ha
9: 12.6ha
10: 30 am
11: 10.5ha


  • Yo


    2019-01-14 18:26 Send message
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    most people aren't going to figure this one out
  • Hmadsen
    2019-01-14 18:37 Send message
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    erhm, Arctic meets south pole style map, lots of polorbears and special operations seals from Greenland. You like fish? Yes? We have killer whales, you like whales, yes? NO!
  • Ereedks
    2019-01-14 19:18 Send message
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    It would be a lot easier if the dimwit creator of the map knew how to create a zip file.
  • Gabor
    2019-01-14 19:54 Send message
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    I can't see anything in Giants Editor :(
  • Hmadsen
    2019-01-14 20:16 Send message
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    GABOR = Have you tried 8.1 beta from giants?
  • Ereedks
    2019-01-14 22:04 Send message
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    @Gabor, the problem may be what I was referring to. The maker of this file has zipped this incorrectly. Instead of each file (modDesc.xml, the 'maps' folder, and the other essential files) being in the zipped file, they are in a folder inside the zipped file. If anyone tries to open the map in the game as it's been given, it isn't going to work.....continued
  • Ereedks
    2019-01-14 22:11 Send message
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    I had to download the zip file here, go into the Agro_Park folder that's inside the zip file, retrieve all the necessary files from there ('maps' folder, 'xml' folder, icon.dds, map_preview.dds, and modDesc.xml) then paste them into a zipped folder I created called Agro_Park.zip. Now it works fine. For some reason the person who created this put it inside another folder in the zip file rather than directly in it.
  • Coyotejohn
    2019-01-17 18:39
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    Dyna123 is a known mod thief. This is not his work.
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