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AI Vehicle Extension v0.0.3.7
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AI Vehicle Extension v0.0.3.7

This is the very first version of AIVE for FS19.
v0.0.3.7 - Fixed bugs
New User Interface
The idea behind the new user interface is to move as many settings as possible into new settings dialog. This dialog uses standard elements. Only those options needed for visualization or intermediate action are still available in the head up display (HUD).
New Input Binding
I changed the input binding. Main reason is that keys 5 and 6 are used for the radio. This is the new setting:
H: Start or stop the hired worker
Left shift + H: Open the new settings dialog
Left control + H: Open the head up display
Left alt. + H: Enable or disable automatic steering
Left alt. + V: Raise or lower all tools
Left alt. + 6: Swap side
I do not like maps with rectangular fields. But driving a combine harvester plus the tractor with trailer is a bit tedious in SP mode.


  • Olivier
    2019-06-28 15:27
    1 0
  • Melno74
    2019-06-28 15:35
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    Hello, does it works in Multiplayer Game on Dediserver?
  • Wrangler
    2019-06-28 18:28 Send message
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    I see the little thief who posted this likes to delete comments.
  • Vehicle
    2019-06-28 18:36
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    Works great! Thank you author Mogli
  • Roby1164
    2019-06-28 20:27 Send message
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    Mogli has decided to abandon this Mod, there will be no further developments, for alleged problems that cannot be solved after the FS 1.4 patch.
  • Vehicle
    2019-06-28 20:41
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    ROBY1164, what's that? Mogli
  • Vehicle_
    2019-06-28 20:43
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    ROBY1164, what's that?modDesc : author Mogli version
  • Fs squad
    2019-06-28 20:47
    1 0
    Is this illegally posted because I wanna do a YT vid with it
  • Wrangler
    2019-06-28 21:35 Send message
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    I already published this earlier, but the poster deleted it. Here's a link to the official version: https://github.com/Mogli12/AIVehicleExtension @redex76: if you delete my comment, I will post it again.
  • Roby1164
    2019-06-28 21:45 Send message
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    VEHICLE, Actually the last version released is, the link to the Github, present in the post, is the officer, and refers to the page of Mogli, where you find the latest version, unfortunately, if you don't change idea, like said is the last one to be released ..
  • Caamo
    2019-06-29 03:46
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    @ROBY1164 Wtf are you mumbling there? Mogli is not going to stop developing this fully working mod, so stfu!!!
  • 2019-06-29 06:14
    1 1
    It isn't quite fully working... It doesn't work with every tractor or map.
  • Scott
    2019-06-30 02:57
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    Looks like the 1.4 patch broke it, too bad :(
  • Recoyote
    2019-06-30 06:26
    0 1
    Most fields in America are square or rectangular. Or Circles in Squares.https://imgur.com/a/zo6FXEz
  • Revert to update 1.3
    2019-07-03 18:21
    0 1
    If you want to use this MOD revert to FS19 1.3, then this works fine.. also Mogli has archived this MOD and is waiting for Giants to come out with another update before he continues...
  • Update 1.4
    2019-07-07 04:36
    1 0
    I have all works on version of FS19 1.4, look for conflicting Mods!
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