Farming simulator 2019 mods
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This is the playable version have all features from FS19
Animals in the Farm Chicken Cow Sheep Pig Horse
Animated Splines around the map
Added more decoration objects in the map
Spaces for Placeables Objects
Create new Fields etc have fun

Giants TheSnake

  • Farmer
    2019-08-18 21:14
    0 3
    no multi fruit
  • Fred
    2019-08-18 21:18
    1 1
    a quand de nouvelles cultures ? when new cultures?
  • Bob


    2019-08-19 01:22
    0 1
    can't get it to work with courseplay....was only mod I had in
  • Luis613
    2019-08-19 17:52 Send message
    0 1
    I can't open the vehicleShop gate
  • To farmer
    2019-08-19 19:03
    8 5
    Who cares if it has multi-fruit? What are you going to do with additional fruit types? It makes no difference whether it's poppy or wheat, both use the same harvester and same planting equipment. Beets and lettuce use the same equipment. All multi-fruit does is create more work for a modder to have to do as well as making it more likely something is forgotten that needs done for it to work correctly, thus more likelihood of errors. Multi-fruit is over-rated.
  • Nick
    2019-08-19 23:08
    1 2
    MODHUB link, please?
  • Name
    2019-08-20 01:22
    1 0
    like the new version. the fenced off lands down the middle need entrances on both sides so access to fields on both sides thanks
  • Name2
    2019-09-05 03:38
    0 0
    cant open shop gate to get equipment out, looks good though, simple and small for single player-don't make it multi fruit, don't need that
  • Love multifruit
    2019-09-28 11:26
    0 0
    nice map thanks could you please make this map multifruit
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