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AutoDrive courses for North Frisian march v2.0
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AutoDrive courses for North Frisian march v2.0

Approach points for all outlets and fields (except Hofwiesen 33 and 34)

In the AD version used by me (as of 07.07.2019), the settings in the AD setup for "field exit" only work for the Abtanker of Dreschern. Loader wagons and fertilizer / seed drills always travel to the next possible waypoint for emptying or filling, which often leads to collisions with obstacles. Therefore, I have provided all the fields with extra circuits, which always lead the drivers on leaving the fields to collision-free exits.

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  • Trucker
    2019-07-08 20:21
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    Anyone make a button for these idiots - "GAME PASSED" !!!What is the idea of this SHITING mods ?!!!!!This game is SIMULATOR NOT a fuсkеd "courseplay"!!!
  • J.s.stömbach
    2019-07-09 09:57
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    @TRUCKER LOL that pissrage
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