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Autoload hay wagon v1.0
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Autoload hay wagon v1.0

Autoload hay wagon from fs17

I couldnt find a link of this with autoload for small squares so i added it. Have not tested with all types but should work.
fs19 udim textures

mission pallets
small square bales
square bales
round bales
jd 18 bales
cotton bale
cotton round

appreciate it if you keep original link

credits KaosKnite, Scooters Workbench, jm44807


  • Name
    2020-05-23 21:23
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    modhub link not work for ya?
  • Alex
    2020-05-23 22:27
    2 2
    You have no idea how long I've been waiting for something that looks and works like this. Thank You!!
  • Neat
    2020-05-23 22:50
    2 2
    freekin cool
  • Name
    2020-05-24 20:42
    3 0
    Not work with small square bale and cannot attach to Massey Ferguson Hesston 1840.
  • Were did you get that 4020?
    2020-05-26 02:45
    1 1
    I've been looking for a good 4020 mod and the one in the picture looks cool
    • Jm44807
      2020-05-29 17:45 Send message
      1 0
      i cant remember for sure where i got 4020 its credits are Oldiron1214Torquewrench1 edits mabey at rdallen hes on youtube
  • Name
    2020-05-28 20:55
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    ya go to tiredbog on youtube and go to his mod site from the description toull be sure to find something cool I actually found a 4520 jd
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