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BaldeyKino Map v3.2 by JK-edits
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BaldeyKino Map v3.2 by JK-edits

​BaldeyKino V3.2 Changelog
- Added a 12 large spruce field all along the main road.
- Added the complete Pony Ranch from Ravenport map.
- Added all the correct info in the .xml files so Restaurant & Ranch sell point now fully work.
- Added Restaurant & Ranch sell point to PDA Map.
- Added cotton to both Restaurant and Ranch sell point.
- Added both woodchips and wood selling point to the PDA Map. (One is woodchips, other wood)
- Fixed some minor issues.
- Checked animal gameplay with sheeps, all works good so far.
- Checked grass gameplay, all works good so far.
- Checked placebility of placables on farm area's, works all good so far.
- This is the last update for 4/5 days, so I can now completely test the map.

BaldeyKino V3.1 Changelog
- Took care of the last floating items
- Added a 11th small field with stage4_spruce trees
- Added the restaurant from the Ravenport maps with sell point for eggs
- Added the Horse ranch sellpoint from the Ravenport map for horses
- Added the missing water in the map
- Made some roads more smooth
- Should have fixed the .zip file. No extra directory in there anymore. Should be good in Mods in .zip

BaldeyKino V3.0 Map by JK-edits changelog

- Took the editted Baldeykino V2.0 map by Tomi098
- Removed all the maple trees, all the birch trees are still there and grouped more tightly
- Added 10 fields with stage4 Spruce Trees (about 750/1000 in total, so there is a logging opp. now 2)
- Increased the yards, added a complete seperate empty yard
- Replaced the water with the creek water from the org Ravenport map
- Added some more logical shortcuts to fields
- Repainted all the roads ROUGH_DIRT (traffic is still there)
- Removed all 2D bushes, placed the border 2D more neatly.

BaldeyKino V2.0 by Tomi098 log:

12 buyable fields + meadows
buyable all areas (fs19 area)
Multisilo By Tomi098 – 500k litres , support all fruit type, include silage, straw, grass, and hay..
Crops selling price increased to 2.5x (default value is 1 )

Tautvis, edit by Tomi098 re-edit by JK-edits

  • Hoosier
    2018-12-12 16:38 Send message
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    As a former map maker, I understand the time it takes to complete these. THANKS>
  • Jkedits
    2018-12-12 17:34 Send message
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    yes it does take a lot of time haha.. thank you 2 :D
  • Neness
    2018-12-12 17:48 Send message
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    sa manque de photo on ne voit pas grand chose
  • Krys239
    2018-12-12 18:02 Send message
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    Can not load the map when choosing, some advice ??
  • Bigbill13
    2018-12-12 18:45 Send message
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    version 3 worked 3.1 did not load 3.2 will not load why ?
  • Metal
    2018-12-12 19:20 Send message
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    rename map zip to just BaldeyKino, got mine to load
  • Metal
    2018-12-12 19:26 Send message
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    but the map freezes when entering vehicle, probably doesn't work with the game update
  • Don


    2018-12-12 20:36 Send message
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    The egg Sell point is missing
  • Jkedits
    2018-12-12 21:56 Send message
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    @Metal @bigbill yeah that seems to help sometimes, just shorten the name of the [email protected] , you should be able to sell at restaurant, bakery or [email protected] I still run the unupdated game version indeed, I will update this weekend, see whatI have to change, allthough Don above here seems to have it working..At my system everything runs fine, but its still the unpatched first version of the game, I will update the game with all the latest patches this we
  • Jkedits
    2018-12-12 21:59 Send message
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    @Neness Its a small 2 by 2 map, based on some Russian map, simple dirt roads, I will make some more screens with the next update :) or just look at the youtube video and imagine Spruce trees inbetween everywhere haha..
  • Deafgamer
    2018-12-13 16:58 Send message
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    Map updated to new version 1.2?Terrain editing is now live, make sure your map is terrain editing friendly.
  • Don


    2018-12-15 09:54 Send message
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    The game locks up in mod maps now since patch 1.2 on the Farming sim forum there is something about adding a water plane that fixes the glitch. may want to look at the forum there to see what they are talking about since I am not a map maker.
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