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Bettingen Map v1.0.3
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Bettingen Map v1.0.3

Here I would like to introduce you my first LS19 map. It is not a conversion, but a new building!

Version 1.0.3
- BGA Fix (directly from the game) may need to be restarted.

4th places for yards
3 points of sale for cereals / silage
1 sawmill
1 woodchips verkverk.
1 dairy
1 shop
1 weaving mill
about 32 fields plus a few meadows to buy
2-3 woods
1 BGA (unfortunately not running 100% in the Dedi, should go to the patch 1.2 ...) There are 6 places at the BGA to buy, so everyone can place a silo and the BGA Optimal use.
The map was tested on a Dedi server. Everything is going well, except the problem with the BGA, so I have registered at 2 outlets selling silage, so you can still sell silage.
Updates follow
Kind regards
your TuneWar
PS. Thanks a lot to Miacat, Sven, Micha, Andi for testing the map.


  • Nick
    2018-12-15 23:18 Send message
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    silos at bga don't work in multiplayer and wood chips sell point don't in multiplayer also
  • Lyriga
    2018-12-16 02:01 Send message
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    I start the game and look around to see that the sales points are in existence. I go on about the game and find out they have vanished. The buildings are there - the sales 'box' is now at least not visible. I have tried this map now few times, as it is relatively balanced and returned to it in hopes to have now not vanishing sales points. But not yet. Won't come back on restart. At least your fields are not such high of yield that I can't fit one 8th of a field into one large silo complex :)
  • Guest
    2018-12-16 23:55 Send message
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    Can I ask how the larger custom placeable hog lot works in this map, because doesn't seem to show up in the store when I downloaded it.
  • Swiss-fg
    2018-12-17 06:24 Send message
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    can you fix the log error appeared after version 1.0.3:2018-12-17 05:12 Error: Farmland-Id 39 not defined in farmland ownage file 'D:/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2019/mods/FS19_Bettingen_TW/maps/mapDE/mapDE_farmland.grle'. Skipping farmland definition!error is 6x with number 39-46
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