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Big Aussie Outback v1.0
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Big Aussie Outback v1.0

Welcome to Australia!
Aussie Outpack is a fictional Australia Map. I created this map to get to know the new FS19 mechanics. As a base serves 1-way Aussie Outback and has been expanded to 4-fold. The map offers all standard functions of the basic game. Furthermore, the map offers enough space for the in game map editor to build a new farm. This is just a beta version, so updates come for sure.


  • Ish watts
    2019-01-14 02:11 Send message
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    car in triangled field east of bakery close to west side of field
  • Eepsquared
    2019-01-14 06:27 Send message
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    PDA map?
  • Delahaye
    2019-01-14 09:21 Send message
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    Bonjour thomas j'ai une version de cette map le peu de money que l'on as on perd une fois sauvegarder faudrais savoir pourquoi j'ai une autre question pk on n'as pas eu le semoir jd db90 en multifruit que beaucoup on demander cela serais bien de s'en occuper avant de mettre n'importe quoi sur le site les camion voiture faudrais juste l'essentiel pour faire le travail de ferme merci d'avance
  • Michael
    2019-01-14 10:13 Send message
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    not a new map this is an old map and nothing new in it her is det old one http://www.farming2015mods.com/farming-simulator-19-mods/fs-19-maps/fs19-aussie-outpack-v-1/
  • Frank furter
    2019-01-21 06:01
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    Beautiful map! Others saw it and liked it as well. Only problem is there is no contracts except for the hauling jobs which can't be completed because of missing triggers at the sugar plant, harbor and animal dealer. Also, the triggers are there for the railroad silo but no silo. It's gone now. . But wow what a great atmosphere!
  • Rakkasans
    2019-01-21 06:04 Send message
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    Several of the field are broken, when you mow or harvest, part of the field doesn't get completed. Since the fields don't have numbers, I will try to tell which ones they are. The field directly below the biogas plant and the long field in the middle of the screen at the top. I have not purchased any other fields yet, so I am not sure if there are any issues.
  • Ulysses
    2019-02-15 16:12
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    Been playing this for a while now. Love the feel and size of the map. Has a lot of problems though and stopped playing it for now. The field definitions need a LOT of work!. Also some of the fields can't be worked/harvested. The sell points dont make sense at all. Often doubled up i.e 2 bakeries, 2 beet sell points etc. Big fps drops around the main farm area. Could be a great map but just needs a lot of fine tuning.
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