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Bizon SUPER Z056 v1.0.0.0
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Bizon SUPER Z056 v1.0.0.0

The modification has: combine harvester color configuration, tarpaulin color configuration, rim color configuration, new work lights, moving elements, new animations, Rolmako rapeseed table, opened tank, clean log, wheel configuration, sticker configuration, dirtying, dynamic hoses, texture destruction, reduced working speed and much more ...
Engine power: 74 kW / 100 HP
Working width: 4.2 m
Tank capacity: 200 l
Tank capacity: 3540 l
Max. speed of 22 km / h
Max. working speed 8 km / h
Prohibition: editing, link changes
Many thanks for help for Dawideq_99, TCL98, HasteR.

Puszkap (Kap), GIANTS Software

  • Giggi02
    2019-09-09 11:26
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    what a MAP on the Pictures?
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