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Betaillere v1.0.0.0
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Betaillere v1.0.0.0

Voici un camion bétaillère qui vous aidera à transporter tous vos animaux.
En espérant que cela vous plaise, bon amusement à tous et à toute


  • ???


    2019-12-08 19:50
    3 6
    English please.
  • You're lazy
    2019-12-08 21:03
    7 4
    Hello, Is it so hard to use Google Translate?Here is a livestock truck that will help you transport all your animals.Hope you like it, good fun to all and allSincerely,DTS_Modding.
  • ???


    2019-12-09 10:46
    3 3
    Thank you for translating but why should we have to translate it considering it's a english site?
  • Brigantius
    2019-12-11 14:11
    3 0
    Hi DTS modding community!Could you guys maybe make a standard truck hitch on the backside of this truck (and some working lights)?And while youre @ it a fitting hanger to increase cargo capacity?Kind regards,Brigantius
  • Dts_modding
    2019-12-12 18:14
    4 0
    Bonjour, la version arrive très prochainement ,il y aura beaucoup d'amélioration apportez dessus ___________________________Hello,version is coming soon, there will be a lot of improvement bring it on
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