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Case IH Magnum US v4.0
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Case IH Magnum US v4.0

- Packaged attachable side and front tanks into Magnum mod. NOTE: Previous versions of the helicopter tanks may NOT be compatible with this version. I recommend removing the old ones to avoid confusion.
- Added attachable double front tanks (2000l) $4000
- Added Case IH L795 front loader $9630
- Added front loader (L795) compatibility with in-cab joystick animation
- Add Michelin and Trelleborg triple rear wheel configurations
- Removed all "narrow wheel" configurations. All row crop wheels are now care wheels
- Removed 2 other tracked wheel configurations
- Added body, seat, and rim color configurations: Red, Black, Grey, and White
- Added light tinted and heavy tinted window options
- Added additional front light configuration
- Added beacon light configurations
- Added vertical suspension to cab
- Added more suspension to wheels and tweaked the front axle suspension rotation parameters to absorb bumps better and remain in contact with contours of terrain
- Modified magnum load sound to be more clear and easier on the ears.
- Improved grill mesh and added mesh area on top of hood
- Added motor fan with animation
- Tweaked tire compression and distance from ground
- Tweaked wheel and track weights to reduce slippage + wheel weights now make an impact on traction with heavy implements
- Added new in-cab monitor screen that includes more vehicle information
- Added ability to open the rear window
- Improved door opening animation, and added interior light when door is open
- Removed entering animation, replaced with an improved manual animation (open cover)
- Added hood ornament (cant believe I missed this for so long)
- Tweaked rear mirror to be more useful
- Fixed the spazzing issue when turning to tight with a trailer attached
- Fixed front attach bottom arm rotation
Plus many more small tweaks and additions!

Version 4.0 is for PC Only. I will be working on Version 1.1 for consoles that will include most of the features from version 4.0.

If you experience any issues please let me know. Enjoy!

KarlFarms, Custom Modding, Stefan Maurus

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    2020-03-23 08:22
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  • Josh
    2020-03-23 08:49
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    Beautiful mod! Any 25 years of Magnum Edition coming for FS19 or the new AFS Magnum? Either way Ive been enjoying this tractor since released so keep up the awesome work!
  • Randy69
    2020-03-23 08:52 Send message
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    That CASE IH MAGNUM IS AWESOME!! thank you so much KARLFARMS you are the best!
  • Ricobab
    2020-03-23 10:43 Send message
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    Brillant, as usual :)
  • Nice comments
    2020-03-23 14:16
    4 0
    I'm glad you guys are not being toxic like all of the other comments! Thank you! :-)
  • Name
    2020-03-23 16:07
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    Karl are you a Case fan? XP
  • John deere guy
    2020-03-23 16:21
    1 0
    cool mod I might have to buy a magnum.
  • Name
    2020-03-23 20:31
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    it shows its installed in my mods but when I go to start a map its not in the mod select screen
  • James
    2020-03-24 05:40
    5 1
    this has to be one of the best updates/mods ive used ! All those options and no errors !! Thanks for the awesome work my guy !!
  • Parsimods.ir
    2020-03-24 21:05
    0 1
  • Chris
    2020-03-25 03:17
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    This mod is great!!Any plan on adding a set of of normal wheels, also with twin options?Thanks
  • Cody
    2020-03-25 21:42
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    How much does it cost in game?
    • Karlfarms
      2020-03-27 03:16 Send message
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      Base cost of 260000 for 320 HP Max cost of 334000 for 435 HP
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