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Crazy Cutter PowerFlow FullVersion v2.0
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Crazy Cutter PowerFlow FullVersion v2.0

Crazy Cutter PowerFlow Full Version 2 for Farming simulator 2017
price: 7900$
working width: 36m
work speed: 30km
By Bünyamin

By B├╝nyamin

  • Vudiy
    2018-12-06 10:08 Send message
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    thank you so much. that's incredible
  • Jumbo747
    2018-12-06 12:59 Send message
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    Crazy Cutter does NOT show up in purchase window, and finally, IS INVISIBLE AND DOES NOT SHOW UP OUTSIDE THE SHOP!!The idea looks GREAT as in the 90ft Header/Cutter that was famous in FS15 and 17, it saved stacks of time, so can we PLEASE have it again.For those 'purists' who always say "It's pointless, you would NEVER get that in real life:1. This isn't real life, its a game!and:2. If it WAS EVER available in 'Real Life' how many farmers WOULD break their necks to
  • David
    2018-12-06 15:06 Send message
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    I have tried each and every one of these and after I did find them in the shop you was lucky if the did 3m wide. I deleted them and put the heads back on my stock combines that came with them.
  • Frankie
    2018-12-06 15:25 Send message
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    This version does work for me
  • Georg
    2018-12-07 10:36 Send message
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    perfect full function
  • Diesel
    2018-12-07 10:51 Send message
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    Anyway there could be just a Modhub link for this instead of the dogshit RAR file?
  • Ron


    2018-12-08 20:07 Send message
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    Great concept but it will only cut 1 row on helper then it says completed job. Then I started another and after cutting full length it would turn to start another row and only cut 12m instead of 36m. Would by nice to have the helper cut 36m each time.
  • Pillowyg
    2018-12-20 04:40 Send message
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    Does not work.
  • Jwill
    2018-12-26 17:39 Send message
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    How do you unzip this to be able to use it??? I'm not getting an unzip option
  • Matzi
    2019-01-26 21:42 Send message
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    moin moin wie bekomme ich den Crazy Cutter PowerFlow FullVersion v2.0 fruchtsorten eingetragen
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