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Das Multilager v1.2.0
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Das Multilager v1.2.0

Multilager for everything that is currently available.

Version 1.2.0
The building was given a new coat of paint so that it can be better distinguished, mod Desc raised.

Right at the beginning this is not a realistic mod, if you don't like it you don't need to load it.
This is the original small barn from the LS, all types of fruit that exist. or dung, seeds, etc. ...... added (MULTILAGER) 8 | .It has a storage size of 40 million pillpalle
The mod does, of course, warnings because not all fruits are always installed on each map.
As I said, a wish from our multiplayer players wasn't real.

Toni und Freunde

  • Craap
    2020-11-22 21:43 Send message
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    awsome mod,,thank you
  • I don't like it!
    2020-11-22 21:59
    0 4
    I do NOT like it and here's why... It's an unoriginal lazy reskin of a GIANTS mod and looks NOTHING like what you'd store anything in, in 2020. It's not Amish Simulator.
  • I dont like kid trolls^^^^^^
    2020-11-22 22:29
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    love this mod i have used it from day one and adding more fruits and a coat of paint just makes it better good job thank you
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