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Dnestr v1.0.0.0
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Dnestr v1.0.0.0

Large-capacity grain semi-trailer with lower unloading. Carries all types of bulk cargo. Capacity - 60 m3. Price - 24500.
Configurations: wheels, body color, color of the cover. Gets dirty / washes, gets old. Working light, animated suspension, dynamic hoses, UDIM textures.
Includes 2-axes dolly. Price - 1800.

Original Model: Silak_68
Model editing, adaptation FS19: Karl911
Wheels: Axary

  • Taffy
    2020-01-26 09:30
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    Thank you for this trailer, it's a perfect one. One question, please: Can you put a trailer hitch on it ??? Thank You !!!
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