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EAL Transportation Pack v1.0
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EAL Transportation Pack v1.0

Sapling and Mission Pallets are also good option for Factory Pallets as they are
both single stacked*


- Reverted moddesc version to 42 to be better
accessible by players

- Added several different pallet autoload
configurations as seen in the images.

- Adjusted brakes on truck so it will slow to
a stop when you let off the gas.

- Adjusted center mass of the Dry Vans and
Tankers so they don't bounce as much over
bumps. (Dry Vans now can be loaded manually
without a truck hooked up.)

You will need the EAL mod in your mod folder for Autoload to work, copy and paste below link if it doesnt show properly for the updated version...


Iconik / Exley / Alfalfa6945

  • Name
    2019-12-28 23:37
    2 1
    can you guys make a snow plow and snow truck pack
  • Frank furter
    2019-12-29 03:14
    1 0
    You got some wild mods! Much appreciated!
  • Jock mcgrath
    2019-12-29 06:50
    0 2
    hey iconik can you make a Aussie land cruiser Ute with a sw platt bull bar if you haven't seen a a sw plat bull bar google it and can you put two gme arials on the bull bars one on each side and can you put a km custom fabrication tray on as well and two straight exhaust pipes one on each side and can you also make a Aussie kenworth t909 and for the truck i am talking about go into kenworth.com.au and can you also make a oversize sign that can be placed on trucks, vehicles, tractors and harveste
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