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Elk Mountain Ranch Workshop v1.0
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Elk Mountain Ranch Workshop v1.0

Here is a workshop for the ranch, has a workshop trigger and fully operational doors and lights
some objects within the workshop credits go to the original creators not sure where I got them all but the shop building and such were made by Elk Mountain Modding.

Elk Mountain Modding


  • Robbie
    2020-03-22 16:47
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    Thanks so much is there a workshop trigger? You're a great modder only a few GREAT modders out there!
  • Map


    2020-03-22 21:06
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    what map are u using in the background as it looks awesome
  • 12271
    2020-03-23 20:52 Send message
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    This whole Elk Mountain Ranch Mod Pack is amazing.
  • Name
    2020-03-27 19:42
    1 0
    You should make a elk mountain ranch map with all the sheds houses and extensions
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