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FarmHaus Estancia Lapacho v1.0
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FarmHaus Estancia Lapacho v1.0

DE (Original): Ich habe das FarmHaus aus Estancia Lapacho mal als plazierbares Objekt gemacht, für alle Grossbauern :)
EN: I made the farmhouse from Estancia Lapacho as a placeable object, for all big farmers :)
FR: J'ai créé la ferme de l'Estancia Lapacho comme un objet facile à placer pour tous les grands agriculteurs :)

Modell: GIANTS
Textur: muenny
Idee / Konzept: muenny, Teddyschlumpf
Tester: muenny, Teddyschlumpf

  • Guest
    2019-01-15 19:02 Send message
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    map is not showing up in the map choices for me like the others
  • Raven2971
    2019-01-15 19:15 Send message
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    its nop a map its a house
  • Kmshark
    2019-01-15 20:41 Send message
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  • Graytomcat
    2019-01-17 03:23 Send message
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    This is a really nice house but need to have open and close doors like is was on FS17.
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