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Farming Simulator 19 Update v1.4
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Farming Simulator 19 Update v1.4

Update 1.4 (*)
Windows 10 / 8  2.0 GB
Windows 7 2.0 GB

Fixed crash with very large foliage draw distances
Reduced stuttering with slow hard drives
Improved day-night transition (PC/MAC only)
Reduced specular lighting flickering
Vehicles and sound improvements (graphics and quality)
Fixed rare issues with bale collisions on consoles
Performance improvements
Fixed helpers folding cotton harvester with a bale loaded

(*) Please note that this update cannot be used for the Steam or Mac OS X version of Farming-Simulator 19. If you have a Steam or Mac OS X version your game will be updated automatically. This update contains all prior released updates.

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  • Ls09god
    2019-06-18 18:28 Send message
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    You mist a few patch notes there. Here is the complete list:[url=https://www.farming-simulator.com/changelog-fs19.php?lang=en&country=us]Check here:[/url]
  • Fuck giant
    2019-06-18 19:00
    8 2
    I took a lot of time to report bugs with lots of explanations and pictures ......These problems have been marked "Resolved" and they are still present after the fix.Frankly Giant, you're a scammer, I'm back on the FS17!
  • @fuck giant
    2019-06-18 19:40
    9 1
    I agree,this update francly is a huge P.O.S. anda bunch of lies cause it says Reduced stuttering with slow hard drives (1.4)Various performance improvements (1.4)Yet it now runs even worse then before!!
  • Wrangler
    2019-06-18 19:56 Send message
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    B.O.B. Farming News - Patch v1.4 Released! - Farming Simulator 19 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wL_v-4W-dsg
  • Stormfox
    2019-06-18 20:30
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    bizarre l'installation de cette mise à jour n'a pas le même processus que d'habitude,à éviter
  • Really?
    2019-06-18 21:05
    7 2
    great job giants,you fucked my game up...change the shit back you idiots.......how do I get my money back,this shit has been fucked up since I bought it....real experience my ass....
  • To @fuck giant
    2019-06-19 00:44
    5 7
    Quit your bitching and get a better computer than the piece of shit you're using! Ignorant ass.
  • @to @fuck giant
    2019-06-19 06:41
    6 0
    * Author of the first post / I am not talking about a performance problem, I reported to Giant vehicle problems (incorrect part, missing or misplaced cylinder, incorrect parts painting, ....) and Giant does not repair the problems.Giant are stupid with no sense of detail !!!!I do not have a performance problem, I have a pretty powerful computer.
  • Richyrich
    2019-06-19 14:55 Send message
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    pretty good update, though I am waiting to see if they actually sort out the AI traffic. They are way too slow, and there is no way in any world that a vehicle going that slow can stop a tractor in it's tracks and make it roll over onto it's roof. Also the missions need looking at, because ploughing missions and also lime missions are missing from the list. It's ok doing updates that cover performance issues, but gameplay should be updated aswell. And lastly WTF is wrong with the animals not hav
  • Richyrich
    2019-06-19 15:00 Send message
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    And you lot moaning cause you cant play the game lmfao. why don't you go out and buy a proper gaming rig like I have, instead of sitting there using a s****y dell laptop lol
  • Richyrich
    2019-06-19 17:31 Send message
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    Also I forgot to mention chickens not having water, WTF. I work on a farm in real life, and if our chickens don't have water, they die just as any other animal would that needs water. Wish giants would actually use a brain cell and develop the game properly instead of making it 1/2 a job, and expecting people to like it.
  • Your mom
    2019-06-20 01:18
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    Bunch of cry babies gaming on peasant pc's or what. My GTX 1080's in sli run this game silky smooth 100 fps on my Samsung M.2! Remember to enable AFR2 in Nvidia Control Panel or else SLI wont scale. Bunch of babies saying "but muh fps" go ahead downvote this with your i7 5820K and your GTX 9 series card.....
  • Thomas
    2019-06-20 02:34
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    how do you delete 1.4 update from your download file after it has been installed? It won't let me remove it. It says file is open and cannot be removed. Thanks
  • Your mom
    2019-06-20 03:45
    1 0
    If your on steam right click Farming Simulator 19Right click "Properties" and navigate to the "BETAS" tabOpen the "Select the beta you would like to opt into" drop down menuSelect "patch1.3.0 - Patch1.3.0_PC/Mac"Push the "Close" Button and proceed to play.Now upvote this with your i7 5820K and your GTX 9 series card....
  • @ thomas
    2019-06-20 05:18
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    If you're not using the Steam version, install any prior version of FS19 such as patch 1.3 and it will put you back onto that version.
  • Recoyote
    2019-06-20 07:00
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    Is it going to mess up my current farms like 1.3 did?I had to delete both of them and start over.
  • Cdog
    2019-06-20 17:34
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    Can not play the map I was playing before this update. Had spent a lot of time playing this map. Thanks a lot Giant.
  • 2 0
    So many butt hurt individuals complaining about nothing....
  • Denestalbert
    2019-06-22 22:36
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    bonjour avec ce patch gros avec mon volant g29 tres dur
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