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FarmProps v1.0.0.0
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FarmProps v1.0.0.0

This is a Collection of usefull decoration, found on various places at the Felsbrun map, no new items, just standart Giants Stuff.

Now Ingame placeable to decorate your Farm, find them under placeables / misc.
Ladder, Barrels, various Boxes, Tools Buckets and Cables, aswell as some nice Flowers and Gardenaccesoires, Pallets, Canisters and Containers, Switchboxes, even some Bags and old Tires and many more! Your Farm will come to life, throw them everywhere
All items have fantasy prices, their standart names and no description or picture by now!

All Objects are taken from the Fellsbrunn Map, designed by Giants

  • Raven2971
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    no store images to see what your buying
  • One too many, released in two.
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