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[FBM-Team] Unimog U1200, U1400, U1600 v1.0.0.0
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[FBM-Team] Unimog U1200, U1400, U1600 v1.0.0.0

Unimog U1200, U1400, U1600

The Unimog has the following features:

Configurable as U1200, U1400 and U1600
6 engine versions from 125 HP to 241 HP
7 platform configurations
Front and rear hydraulics configurable
23 different tire-rim combinations
18 real Unimog colors
Separate loading area concrete weight in the shop category "weights"
LS19 texture system
RMT (realManualTransmission)
SimpleIC for doors, windows, interior lighting and skylight (SimpleIC download here)
Important: For everything to work, at least SimpleIC is required!

Further configuration options:

Roof air conditioning
Bull catcher bracket on the roof
None, one or two beacons
With or without a Unimog side sticker
Three exhaust variants
Standard sound or gear shift sound
additional lights
lens hood
Horn with horn sound
Different colors and materials for the platform floor
Color config of the tarpaulin

The model was fundamentally renewed and revised with many hours in the respective 3D programs.
We thank BM-Modding for sharing the model with the community.

Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de
LS13 / LS15 - prototype: bm-modding (approval is available)
LS19 conversion: FBM team (team project)
Project Leader: PeterAH [FBM]
3D & Ingaming: Puma, WolfIQ, Oldenfarm, Hunter4987, Bremi456, sNiksnak [FBM]
Images: FlowRider86 [FBM], Lukas2002 [FBM], pixelfarming (Insta)
Air conditioning: (FBM approved by the original builder), Edit FS19: Bremi456
Script AddConfig.lua: Ifko [nator] (approval is available)
Tester: FBM team

  • Farmer mog
    2020-03-02 06:11
    3 2
    This by far IMO, is an outstanding high quality mod. Thank you FBM-TEAM for making this available to the community. I have been using this on my farm and has now become my main vehicle of choice. The attention to detail is incredible and once again thank you!
  • Farmer ausmogz
    2020-03-02 08:02
    2 2
    Is it possible to have the option to remove the side stripe?? would be cool if you could. have seen some in Aus but they didn't have the side stripes. Very cool mod, big thanks to BM modding for an awesome mod.
  • Bm-modding
    2020-03-02 10:25
    9 2
    wer hat euch die erlaubnis gegeben zum hochladen? ich habe es für euch privat zur verfügung gestellt! Keine respect!!
  • Simulator mods reviews
    2020-03-02 11:51
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  • Stolen
    2020-03-02 15:52
    1 1
    this is exendable's mod.............
  • Stolen
    2020-03-02 15:53
    1 1
    this is expendable's mod............. *misspelling
  • Name
    2020-03-02 23:44
    1 0
  • Stan
    2020-03-03 02:36
    1 2
    i got free robux by calling 744-535-1065 and then screaming i want free robux
  • Ricobab
    2020-03-03 14:18 Send message
    2 2
    @stolen : Don't you realize it is not the same model ? The Unimog from Expendables is a U5023 - U5030.
  • @ricobab gay
    2020-03-03 15:31
    2 1
    its still stolen..
  • Suit chute
    2020-03-04 04:46
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    Hi, I'm Peter Griffin, inventor of the Suit-Chute! Are you about to walk down the aisle and afraid you'll leave it brown? Did you eat creamy soup just before the opera? Are you George Brett at an awards ceremony? Then you need a tux with the Suit-Chute! Don't take my word for it! Ask famous Hollywood actor- slash-pants filler Dennis Franz. On NYPD Blue, I'm known for packin' heat. But every year when I go to the Emmys, the heat I'm packin' is clumpy and smells terrible. Not anymore, thanks to th
  • Suit chute
    2020-03-04 05:14
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    the Suit-Chute!
  • Name
    2020-03-09 14:59
    0 1
    It's not stolen, you dumb shits.
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