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FENDT ROGATOR 6x5 v1.5.0.0
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FENDT ROGATOR 6x5 v1.5.0.0


Changelog v1.0.0.0:
-added Ic Control
- added Universal Passenger
- added Compatibility With Hose Mod From Wopster
- added 665 Engine Configuration
- added different tank sizes

Changelog v1.1.0.0:
- improved decals
- cleaned log errors / warnings

Changelog v1.2.0.0:
- added gearbox options (40kph / 50kph)
- added visible airhorn config
- improved ic functionality
- added different steering options (front wheels / back wheels / all wheels)
- improved positioning of the decals (they now follow the curve of the model, in the previous version they seemed to be floating)
- characters hand now moves with the joystick
- optimization of textures to reduce download size

Changelog v1.4.0.0:
- improved passenger position
- fixed airhorn movement while unfolding
- added character movement to acceleration pedal

Changelog v1.5.0.0:
- more realistic on/off animation
- added wiper animation
- more realistic dirt textures & amount
- improved color difference between body and background decals


  • Kane1627
    2020-06-28 13:54 Send message
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    hi nice mod but when i try to put it on server it tells me that the downloaded file is corrupt
    • Mattb
      2020-06-30 14:25 Send message
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      is it a dedi as i use it with my friends on a server that i host and works fine for us
  • Kane1627
    2020-07-02 14:31 Send message
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    we play on verrygame and this server say that this mod is corrupt infortunatly what can we do please to play with this mod ?
  • Mattb
    2020-07-09 01:00 Send message
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    ive been looking into it and i have found the problem i will reupload soon. The upload wont be on here but on kingsmods. If you want to download it now, instead of waiting on kingsmods, here is link: "https://sharemods.com/n42ppvtbmtga/FS19_FENDT_ROGATOR_6x5.zip.html" Thanks for reporting this issue really appreciated
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