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Fliegl DPW210 Bales-Autoload v1.0.0.0
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Fliegl DPW210 Bales-Autoload v1.0.0.0

Fliegl DWP210 Bales-Autoload
Price: 26.000€

Default-Giants-Modell with following changes:

-autoload for 26 round- and 24 squarebales
-color configuration for rims and frame
-trailer hitch
-tension belts

First put the trailer into working position, the frame unfolds and "Autoload" is activated, the bales can now be collected. After collecting, bring the trailer back into transport position, while the frame collapses.
To unload via unloading mode, unfold the frame, select unloading position and unload the bales. After unloading, bring the trailer back to transport position.
If the bales are unloaded onto the platform, they can then be moved manually.


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