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FLUSSTAL XXL ENGLISH 26 Sell Points v2.0.0.3
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FLUSSTAL XXL ENGLISH 26 Sell Points v2.0.0.3

flusstal xxl english v2.0.0.3 26 sell points
no errors all fixed! courseplay works!

this is not my map, please give credit to creator
fixed all sell points
all sell points are now in english
26 sell points in total
2 bio-gas plants
2 animal dealers
shop moved to central city
central city completely rebuilt with real houses, commercial building and lighting (more lighting next update).
ground around all city roads have been fixed, no more drop off.
more comsetics needs to be done to central city.
some textures have been added to main city.
start of atv off-road course added to nw moutain range, diff lock required! (signing still needs to be done)
all origonal sell points have been updated with new triggers and larger trigger area.
if any issues please post here to modhub in the comments below will do my best to fix any issues
this is version 2 of the western version, i am adding all modern sell points and building, including the cities and towns, and adding many more sell points.
2 new roads! can you find them both?

File size will drop drastically once final edits are complete. 3 cities from 3 different maps is making for large file size and will be reduced.

the map
all 3 farm start locations are level smoothed edges and empty......
35 fields of all sizes
approximately 10 woods
3 courtyards
3 cities
launch vehicles are also available on medium difficulty.
if you find any mistakes, then please do not insult me ​​in the comments, but write me a pn with screenshot then i can take care of it.
ole ole
if the map is offered on other sites for download, please use the original link!
donations via paypal: [email protected]

field 1 (field01) : 19.965 ha - 49.334 ac
field 2 (field02) : 9.489 ha
field 3 (field03) : 30.373 ha
field 4 (field04) : 4.294 ha
field 5 (field05) : 1.836 ha
field 6 (field06) : 7.816 ha
field 7 (field07) : 121.937 ha
field 8 (field08) : 21.263 ha
field 9 (field09) : 17.673 ha
field 10 (field10) : 9.606 ha
field 11 (field11) : 9.114 ha
field 12 (field12) : 7.657 ha
field 13 (field13) : 7.633 ha
field 14 (field14) : 10.485 ha
field 15 (field15) : 16.381 ha
field 16 (field16) : 16.366 ha
field 17 (field17) : 22.028 ha
field 18 (field18) : 8.533 ha
field 19 (field19) : 21.934 ha
field 20 (field20) : 17.428 ha
field 21 (field21) : 47.885 ha - 118.326 ac
field 22 (field22) : 8.680 ha
field 23 (field23) : 2.335 ha
field 24 (field24) : 28.093 ha
field 25 (field25) : 32.293 ha
field 26 (field26) : 6.610 ha
field 27 (field27) : 9.429 ha
field 28 (field28) : 30.370 ha
field 29 (field29) : 37.936 ha
field 30 (field30) : 8.359 ha
field 31 (field31) : 5.365 ha
field 32 (field32) : 11.878 ha
field 33 (field33) : 13.735 ha
field 34 (field34) : 8.537 ha
field 35 (field35) : 10.715 ha
field 36 (field36) : 6.990 ha

ole22143 edited by me parzival

  • Parzival
    2019-02-05 14:25 Send message
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    The video posted is no longer this map, please stop posting it to get more hits, make new vids for each , and show the changes,
  • Parzival
    2019-02-05 15:21 Send message
    1 1
    the 3rd video is of this map the other 2 are not.
  • Bumpsta
    2019-02-05 16:41
    0 2
    All those hills and mountain like areas and still.. every field is perfectly flat n square. It looks like a lot of time was taken on this map but in the end it looks so fake and created its just not worth playing.
  • Bobroy minnesota farmer
    2019-02-05 20:07
    1 0
    Love it How about A F19 Hagenstedt Exstrem done by you
  • Name
    2019-02-05 21:43
    1 0
    Shop has been moved, but pda icon and sell trigger are in original place...
  • Parzival
    2019-02-06 00:34 Send message
    1 0
    coming next update, Shop has been moved, but pda icon and sell trigger are in original place...
  • Parzival
    2019-02-06 00:36 Send message
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    as for flat fields hahaha, try playing the game,
  • Parzival
    2019-02-06 04:47 Send message
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    for those wanting to keep the same farm and amounts established by your farm, in your savegame file , "items and vehicles", copy each item you want to transfer from one savegame file to the next, you must start a new game save first, then exit game, edit file and then start the newly created savegame with the edits.
  • Guest55
    2019-02-06 14:02
    0 0
    When is the next version coming out? :O
  • Myself
    2019-02-06 15:32
    0 0
    @Parzival, there's an object in the middle of the street just south of field 10. The exact location is 2938, 2099. It has graffiti on it but I'm not sure what it is. Whatever it is, it's blocking the eastbound lane.
  • @bumpsta
    2019-02-06 15:34
    0 0
    Oh, so farmers don't create square fields?? Go look around Kansas idiot. The place is full of them.
  • Myself again
    2019-02-06 15:42
    1 0
    @Parzival, I was just at the north end of field 17 and there's the sound of water sloshing around but there's no water nearby. I love the map though!
  • Myself again
    2019-02-06 15:48
    0 0
    @Parzival, it looks like part of a street light (or something) floating up in the sky between field 19 and the area for placeables just to the south of it.
  • Myself again
    2019-02-06 15:52
    0 0
    @Parzival, correction...between field 19 and the area for placeables just to the east of it.
  • @parzival
    2019-02-06 19:18
    0 0
    I just finished telling others on this site that modders don't upload here, so not to expect any support for bugs or request changes.Yet, here you are...an actual modder replying to bug reports and requests, that's rare. lol
  • Deepset
    2019-02-06 19:53
    0 0
    Abitibi East unloading zone is in the water
    • Parzival
      2019-02-08 15:55 Send message
      0 0
      abitibi east has also been rebuilt, and turned to allow for a semi to unload and still turn around,
  • Parzival
    2019-02-07 05:32 Send message
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    sorry about some of the cosmetics flying around, that has already been fixed, as was moved to place in another place, I will do my best to fix all issues i can, and will respond to anyone that wants to help the issue and not make it worse.thanks for the info, it is needed...
  • Parzival
    2019-02-07 05:35 Send message
    1 0
    as for a place for modders and players to work together in a moderated forum is already in the works, will also be used for multiplayer farms and those looking top join one, if we dont do it no one else will
  • Parzival
    2019-02-07 05:48 Send message
    0 0
    When is the next version coming out? :Othe next version will be out in a week or 2 as long as no major issues, this will allow me to finish the rest of the cosmetics and change some sell point buildings and better names,this version is for making sure no issues with the gameplay, so can focus on cosmetics.I did not create this map, so i have not found all the issues, trees to close to fields etc,
  • Farmer jack
    2019-02-08 00:20
    1 0
    Love the map. Best 4x map out imo. As mentioned above, their is a mailbox in the street south of field 10 & some floating planters south of fields 6 & 1 which I easily fixed in the editor for now.Also below fields 6 &1 their is a shop listed on the PDA that appears to have been removed. In that area there is a lone vehicle sitting there where the shop once was.
  • Farmer jack
    2019-02-08 00:21
    1 0
    A few other things I've noticed is the Argola gas station south of Joey's has some flickering textures until you get closer to it. Just north of that there are a few parked cars with their noses sunk in the ground a bit just before the bridge.Hope this helps a little with your future endeavors with the map. Keep up the great work and thank you for your time and efforts.
  • Jacques.cas@free.fr
    2019-02-08 13:39
    1 0
    je joue avec cette map qui est formidable bien agencé avec un paysage fort emphatique,bravo pour cette belle réussite . juste trouvé un ATM qui était dans le ciel sinon tout marche super bien et je m'éclate un max. bravo et merci pour cette belle réalisation .mes amitiés et bonne continuation .
  • Jacques.cas@free.fr
    2019-02-08 13:40
    1 0
    I play with this map which is great well arranged with a very emphatic landscape,Congratulations for this great success. just found an ATM that was in the sky otherwise everything works great and I have a lot of fun. Congratulations and thank you for this great achievement. Friendships and good luck.
  • Parzival
    2019-02-08 15:47 Send message
    0 0
    Thank you, have corrected all listed above for next version, minus the cars, I cant seem to find where the cars are hidden in the editor, anyone know where these vehicles are, they do not show in editor yet show in game.
  • Parzival
    2019-02-08 15:50 Send message
    0 0
    2 new sawmills complete with log sales also has been added and a gasifier plant, gas station from fs17 has been removed and new with lighting in there place.
  • Frenzied_cow
    2019-02-08 21:44
    1 0
    Hey, love the new update and the new sell points and the shop location. Haven't played the map a whole lot yet, so I haven't done too many harvest contracts. Both Costco and Smitty's seem to work fine, but I'm having a really hard time getting courseplay to recognize a tip trigger at Albany Shipping. Could just be me though, maybe someone else has it working great.
  • Farmer fred
    2019-02-19 23:47
    0 0
    you should make the shop chevy dealer ship. if that aint to hard
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