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FORD 7810 v1.0.0.0
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FORD 7810 v1.0.0.0

Small tractor very nice as to take care of the treatment or animals
Attention PTO and hydraulic front linkages not functional!
Basic mod of Xsoma, authorization to make the modifications and to put it back in DL

– Added rear hydraulic hoses
– Correction of rear PTO
– Correction of somacs that did not rotate with the wheels
– correction of one of the two exhaust pipes
– Changing mirrors that did not move when the doors opened
– Addition of the 3rd point arr
– Addition of attachment noise and hydraulic lifting
– correction of l10n text bugs in the store

Leta Normande

  • Bob


    2020-02-20 15:33
    1 0
    mod warning warning
  • Bochoe
    2020-02-20 16:18
    1 0
    Where is the Manitou to find what i standing in the background
  • Better modder
    2020-02-21 15:13
    0 0
    my 3 point works and it's streight piped with a chrome exaust
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