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Forgotten Plants - Grass / Acre v1.0.0
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Forgotten Plants - Grass / Acre v1.0.0

New textures for Grass / Acre

This time the field and grass textures are off.
The grass is said before that this again go in the direction of LS17.

So the star shape, or rather, if I draw more grass per plant, the area is formed again but I can not prevent the fast at the moment.
Is completely a matter of taste and I can understand if you do not want to have exactly this surface formation.

Habs does not try to look that bad;)

New textures for:
foliage, LOD, distance, fillplanes, ground_diffuse
The folder structure is already specified in the zip.
Path: Farming Simulator 19
ATTENTION: make a backup of the original files!


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