Farming simulator 2019 mods
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I have allowed myself after a long time to make a log-free map again

Version 2.2
New Modname for technical reasons now in German
All outlets changed
10 new fruits added
Millet spelled sorghum tritecal poppy alfalfa rye carrots onion hops

It is quite flat and has all fruits of the original map
I could only keep it so small through the whole original parts
That's why I needed almost no extra textures
A large FENCED area was planned for the yard
There are few launch vehicles because you rent them anyway
With 6 sale stalls you are doing well
There are 51 fields and everything must be bought so the prices have been adjusted
BGA has to be bought
Intended fields for Grass is 40-41-42-43

Thanks to my buttons WOLFGANG-BUZEMAN-NICO-MANUEL 112

I bet I made them for me and my Tem as we want them
For wishes or mistakes I am to have
For opinion not
mfg Walter

Ps It will be possible to give a V2 Multifruit.

Modell: Gaints
Textur: Gaints
Script: Gaints
Idee / Konzept: Walter
Tester: Wolfgan-Manuel-Buzeman-Nico

  • Wrangler
    2019-05-19 20:34 Send message
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    Farming Simulator 19 - B.O.B. Flyover - Fruitland - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVN0-iHodug
  • Name
    2019-05-19 21:41
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    This map does NOT work. It has the same issue V1 had. You CAN NOT harvest with straw output. The map lags, and yields are wrong.
  • Ente
    2019-05-19 23:28
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    This Name does NOT work, its Trottel
  • Mcarden75
    2019-05-22 06:55 Send message
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    This is my Farming Simulator FRUITLAND Map v2.2 First Look Review of this huge map. Plenty of sale points and plenty of fields to harvest. I wish there was traffic running through the map but the culture additions of this map made this a really unique experience. - https://youtu.be/iNUAO_d884c
  • Morbid angel
    2019-05-24 17:48
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    good map but NO salespoints.
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