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FS17 and FS19 in direct comparison
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FS17 and FS19 in direct comparison

For Farming Simulator 19 we have made a lot of improvements to the GIANTS Engine and the result is impressive. A lot has happened, especially in the so-called post-processing. High Dynamic Range Rendering allows us to display the complete spectrum of colors at the same time, the added Bloom will make light irradiation much more realistic, thanks to SSAO all objects in the game now cast their own shadows, which will be realistically cast thanks to the new Light Scattering technique. The sun on the new dynamic sky now serves as a light source and the clouds, which are now voxel-based 3D objects, reflect the light absolutely realistically.

Finally, we have also made some improvements to the surface textures. Different surfaces now not only look much more realistic, but also react differently to light incidence and reflect light more or less strongly or weakly, depending on the material.

These were a lot of technical terms, but you probably wonder what the result looks like. For this reason we would like to show you the first two comparison screenshots today.

All screenshots were taken at the same time of day, in the same place. We use the Estancia Lapacho, which will be included in both the FS17 Platinum Edition and FS19.

Please note: We are still in a very early alpha phase, so not all the screenshots of the FS19 are final yet. In the further course of development, some changes will follow.

Use the slider to slide back and forth between the FS17 and FS19.

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  • Dingo333
    2018-03-16 15:00
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    Just look at the texture of the field on which the screenshot moves harvester to understand-fs19 is not a new game and the next DLS fs17 for the price of a new game.
  • Toro
    2018-03-19 08:26
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    Wer hat schon interesse, eine Spanische oder Mexikanische Map zu spielen? Da gehören Deutsche Maps rein.
  • @dingo333
    2018-03-28 00:57
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    It is just FS 17 with the shaders on all the time
  • Faelandaea
    2018-03-31 07:23
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    The only thing I get from the images is that I definitely want that Ideal in my fleet. Very cool looking harvester and her real world capacities are phenomenal. Of course, once that comes, I would hope that Astropolis Modding makes one of his fabulous IC mods for her. Then I'd have the perfect harvester in my fleet.
  • Faelandaea
    2018-03-31 07:24
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    (Continued due to idiotic character limit) - I have been strictly using Claas Lexions since FS15. I occasionally used other harvesters for role-play in various live streams, but always ended up back with the Lexion. But the Ideal would ideally change that :) Looking forward to operating her in Massey, Fendt and Challenger variations :)
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