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FS19 CLAAS Lexion v1.0
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FS19 CLAAS Lexion v1.0

The US version of the LEXION 700-series, made with American wheel setups, additional monitors in-cab
(including Greenstar guidance) and different chopper/spreader configurations.
The original model came from back in FS15 or FS17 and was edited into an american version in FS17 by 22antler,
and now converted and updated again for FS19 by 22antler

US color scheme
US models: 740, 750, 760, 780
US wheel options: TERRA TRAC, LSW singles, 1250 floaters, 580 duals, 650 duals, 710 duals
Auger lengths: 3XL (35ft or less headers), 4XL (40/45ft headers) or 7XL (folding, for extra large headers)
Choppers: Standard tailboard or TURBO CHOP
Logo/number options
In-cab monitors for JD 2630 and iPad with field view.


  • Name
    2019-08-13 01:06
    1 0
    How about a header?
  • Header
    2019-08-13 01:39
    1 0
    Search for a header. They are better than the Claas ones anyway.
  • Awesome
    2019-08-13 09:21
    3 0
    Nice job, finally someone nice enough or smart enough to give the option of and extend pipe!I have yet to use it, but it looks like a nice combine, well done.There are plenty of headers to download, both after market and Claas. I farm large, went with the 7XL pipe and Midwest 60.
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