Farming simulator 2019 mods
FS19 FreightLiner 122SD v1.0
3 4 1 703

FS19 FreightLiner 122SD v1.0

FS19 FreightLiner 122SD

price 65000
lifetime 75

2 wheel options
Black and Chrome Options
Color Select
2 Engine Options
Semi Dynamic 5th wheel


  • Too small
    2019-11-08 23:08
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    Only 154MB, we need big ass mods
    • Itssdot93
      2019-11-09 01:36 Send message
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  • Hnasi
    2020-08-09 11:34 Send message
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    Hi bro. I really like this mod, sadly I can't test the mod, my pc is not very powerful to play Farming simulator. But I like to edit in blender, for fun, is it possible that you can pass me the original textures of the mod? pls. I'm very new to giants editor, and I don't know how to get the textures from the mod. i hope i can play farming simulator soon and be able to play it.
    • Itssdot93
      2021-01-07 01:39 Send message
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      I dont have original textures due to it all being done through FS19
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