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FS19 SeedHawk Pack MultiFruit v1.0.1
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FS19 SeedHawk Pack MultiFruit v1.0.1

The updated version of Giants SeedHawk seeder. This has been modified to allow for newer crops.
Now does: wheat barley canola soybean sunflower oat potato sugarBeet maize cotton sugarCane oilseedradish poplar peanut blackbean redCabbage lettuce sudangrass cherry sorghum alfalfa clover carrot poppy tobacco onion hops spelt triticale grass.
Regards Rebecca aka Becs


  • Hallfastrac
    2019-05-24 15:20
    1 6
    why upload these mods i know fs is virtual, but in real life potatoes cannot be planted with a seed hawk or most of the other crops it claims to do, get a life.
    • Sumwon
      2019-05-24 20:58 Send message
      7 1
      If you are not happy simply delete it. It was requested by other people. Remember that you cannot buy multi-coloured tractors in reality nor does sugarcane or cotton grow the world over. A bit of a balance is required, after all, it's a GAME. Turn off your all your other unrealistic mods or actually go outside and get dirty. There's a whole new world waiting just out that door.
  • Chris
    2019-05-24 23:21
    3 0
    Very good mod thank you and totally agree with your comment.
  • Hallfastrac
    2019-05-25 13:04
    0 4
    @SUMWON i did not download the mod, and as regards to go outside and get dirty i have been a FARMER for 40 years so i think i qualify for that and if i need machinery to be other colors or do different things i can do that myself.
    • Sumwon
      2019-05-25 16:27 Send message
      2 0
      well, off you go then ..
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