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FS19 Biernatki v2.0.1
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FS19 Biernatki v2.0.1

Polish map of Biernatka. Ready for the latest V. 1. 1. 0. 0 season update. Changes on the map:
- improved ploughing and soil textures
-Revised farmland
-the buildings of the village were added (no playable farms)
- the animal nutrition menu has been improved

You have to start a new game on the map, the old "save" will have mistakes.
-83 configured fields.
-120 Lands to be bought separately.
-No farm buildings.
-You have to develop the area yourself.
-Additional crops, rye, spelt, millet, lucerne, tobacco, hops, onions, carrots, poppies (cabbages and lettuce have been abandoned) these crops can be grown in greenhouses.
-Dynamic mud on field roads .
-Dynamic mud works according to ground moisture.
-The mud doesn't work if it's long dry or frosty, the best effects are after it rains. It will not be added to the fields because it interferes with the construction of the farm. You can always add mud where you want it with the editor.
-All the functions that the farm simulator offers
-purchase and sale of manure and slurry
- street and pedestrian traffic
- transport emissions
-missions from farmers
-new substrate and plant textures
-All the shrubs lose their leaves in winter, the grasses and weeds are greatly reduced. Placeable silos supporting the map under the link,
Please do not update your silos because they will stop picking up the crop, or you can add fruit to your silos yourself. http://www. modhub. us/farming-simulator-2019-mods/unzipgoliszewsupportsilos-v1-0-1/;
Have fun on the map.


  • Aussies don't drink fosters
    2020-02-14 13:25
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    it's true, real aussies know that fosters is fake beer and wouldn't touch it with a 10ft barge pole.
  • Kate
    2020-02-20 22:32
    0 0
    problem with contracts. the machines dont harvest the crops, sometimes needs other headers or different machines. otherwise really great map.
  • Farmer
    2020-02-21 22:42
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    Kate, do not rent machines on missions but use your own with a good heder
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