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FS19 Ford 40er Series v1.3
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FS19 Ford 40er Series v1.3

Ford 40er Series for Farming simulator 19
changed sounds
changed torc so now it has a bit more power
all credits to giants software
have fun

all credits to giants software

  • Devious dilly
    2019-05-21 10:03
    5 1
    great mod sounds awesome i do love the older tractors more
  • Jekyll
    2019-05-21 22:32
    3 2
    Original Mod comes from me, unauthorized edited and re-uploaded with other credits!Delete mod!Original from me:http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2019-mods/ford-40er-series-v1-2-0/
  • Knottypine
    2019-05-21 22:59
    3 1
    @Jekyll, yeah, that's not cool. I haven't downloaded either, but have now quickly looked at both and you can easily tell. I have tinkered with other peoples mods, but getting permission to release publicly is a MUST. At the very least, credits should be left intact. Whoever 'Ashley' is literally deleted your name from the mod author, made a couple very basic changes and released it as their own.
  • Knottypine
    2019-05-21 23:03
    2 0
    This is why a lot of people upload here, there are no rules. My mods are on Nexus, and it's imperative to include credits and have the required permission when uploading mods.
  • Devious
    2019-05-21 23:16 Send message
    2 2
    i have downloaded both and by far this mod is better they have fixed some issues that is in jeky as for the credits there not not claiming right to it "all credits to Giants Software"they not really claiming any glory for any of it or the changes really
  • Name
    2019-05-21 23:50
    3 2
    @DEVIOUS, That's not right. Giants gives the rights to the modder, with the tags on the Giants model.The modder has the right to forbid other people to change their mods without permission.Can not be that other people change someone else's work, just any values and numbers in the xml, and delete the original author from the modDesc, and enter their own name for it, and try to sell all of this as their work.Such people have no respect for the work of others, so many modders stop
  • Knottypine
    2019-05-21 23:55
    1 1
    @Devious, I think you've missed the point. Although errors might have been fixed, improvements made, they still should have gotten permission. Also, the credits listed here do not match the file credits. At the very least, it would have been respectful to mention the original author.
  • Skill4u
    2019-05-22 11:07
    6 3
    wow there are just way to many snowflakes crying over a pixel gamei've done some mods and shared them and i couldn't care less if anyone changed anything or renamed author.....as long as people enjoy them and have fun thats all that matters in my eyes
  • Hyde
    2019-05-23 13:22
    3 2
    No one cares who the original mod authors are, if someone else fixes/improves the mod and then re-uploads it, then good for them. Too many mods are uploaded half done anyway, I like that there are modders who fix them and then re-upload them so they work when you use them.
  • Mod master
    2019-05-23 15:35
    1 2
    @HYDE, In her opinion, nobody cares, but the actual author.Keep downloading stolen mods, you are not much better, otherwise you would not support such things.It is easier to make oneself important with other people's work.What would you say if other people improve your mods and publish them under different names?
  • Hyde
    2019-05-23 18:35
    3 0
    @MOD MASTER, as to your question, I wouldn't care, All mods for FS when uploaded belong to Giants and so become available for everyone to use, alter, tweak or expand on, so long as it is not for financial gain. Also trying to work out who the original author is for anything uploaded to modhub is next to impossible these days.
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