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FS19 HorseShelter v3.0
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FS19 HorseShelter v3.0

This is a horse shelter full with textures and collisions, gates dont open, (still figuring that in Giants Editor ;) other then that, well its here.
catagory AnimalPastures
Cost 5100

Black Sheep Modding/ Spartan_756/ Cyborg

  • Name
    2020-03-30 21:47
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    Complement, so please keep the non Halo mods up then you won't get any criticism from me what so ever and again thank you for the mod.
  • Kudos to spartan
    2020-03-31 06:03
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    make what you want. Ignore the naysayers who cannot even give a compliment unless it is shrouded in negativeity.
  • Thomas
    2020-03-31 16:28
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    it will be in your xml find out wat id number is for the gates and make it anitmated i mean i could fix that
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