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Pack Trailers Global Company By BOB51160
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Pack Trailers Global Company By BOB51160

Bonjour a tous, aujourd'hui je vous présentent le Pack de 4 remorques Global Company, pour plus de détails voir les photos çi joint merçi et bon jeu a tous. BOB51160.

Hello everyone, today I present to you the Pack of 4 Global Company trailers, for more details see the photos here attached thank you and good game everyone. BOB51160.

Hallo allerseits, heute präsentiere ich euch das 4er Pack von Global Company Trailern, für weitere Details siehe Fotos hier im Anhang. Danke und gutes Spiel allerseits. BOB51160.

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  • Jusafarmer
    2020-01-05 00:00 Send message
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    is anyone else having an issue with the color pallet for the tipper?
  • Bob51160
    2020-01-05 09:43
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    hello at the time or I post message the update has been posted on is quoted, thanks to all .... BOB51160.
  • Jusafarmer
    2020-01-06 03:08 Send message
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    hey Bob,don't suppose you can add black cover for the kogel can you?Silver is good,but,black would be better.just ask'n.
  • Name
    2020-01-07 18:04
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