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FS19 RanchHouse v1.0
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FS19 RanchHouse v1.0

This is a ranch house, it has no sleep trigger but maybe in the future. Have fun!
textured and collisions


  • Flyhigh
    2020-04-04 22:38 Send message
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    hey man is it hard to mod a mod
    • Spartan756
      2020-04-05 20:06 Send message
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      Sorta I cant figure blender If you want to get out easy making a mod you download whatever you want from a 3D object place them you color it in paint 3D your choice then you import it through the sandcastle theres a lot more Try and watch a video on it Good luck if your trying to make one
  • Awkward
    2020-04-05 05:28
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    I can't tell if this mod is low quality or your pc is just a potato....
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