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FS19 Trailer Milk Candia By BOB51160 v1.0.0.0
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FS19 Trailer Milk Candia By BOB51160 v1.0.0.0

BONJOUR a tous et a toute,Aujourd'hui je vous presente la Trailer Milk Candia.CAPACITY: 50000 l.Je vous souhaite bon jeu a Tous et a toute MERCI.PS: pour ceux qui ont des questions faite le moi savoir, et pour ceux qui n'aime pas mon travaille s'abstenir de repondre MERCI. BOB51160.

HELLO to all and all, Today I present you the Trailer Milk Candia.CAPACITY: 50000 l.Je wish you good game has All and has any THANKS.PS: for those who have questions made me know, and for Those who do not like my work refrain from answering THANK YOU. BOB51160.

Hallo an alle und alle, heute stelle ich euch den Trailer Milk Candia vor. KAPAZITÄT: 50000 l Diejenigen, denen meine Arbeit nicht gefällt, antworten nicht auf DANKE. BOB51160.

BOB51160 / MAX51160 / GRickT, Meistro und freunde, R&M Modding

  • Caamo
    2019-06-09 18:33
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    Well, hello to you and you too, moron! If you suck this much with google translate, how much you suck with modding… I really can't take you seriously now. Maybe your mods are not too good either... If you fix errors in mods as good as you check what you write, then you have much to work on... Basic English isn't that hard after all ;)
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