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Gariep FreeState South Africa v001
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Gariep FreeState South Africa v001

Gariep is a small town in the Orange Free State in South Africa, if you would like to check the area on Google Earth. -30.5433718128, 25.6677442965

The map has 23 fields, 2 sell points massive fields total field area of around 670Ha...(largest field 190Ha) and small ones as well (smallest field 0.24Ha), below is the field sizes:
Animals you can farm 2 x Large Chicken, Horse Large, Custom Cow pasture Large, 3 x Sheep Large, 2 x Pig Large.
Massive custom FarmSilo 2.5 Mil storage
Great array of startup equipment
Multi Fruit also available

Field 1 (field01) : 0.697 ha
Field 2 (field02) : 0.475 ha
Field 3 (field03) : 0.237 ha
Field 4 (field04) : 0.863 ha
Field 5 (field05) : 0.873 ha
Field 6 (field06) : 8.700 ha
Field 7 (field07) : 7.121 ha
Field 8 (field08) : 22.524 ha
Field 9 (field09) : 1.287 ha
Field 10 (field10) : 1.264 ha
Field 11 (field11) : 1.358 ha
Field 12 (field12) : 1.726 ha
Field 13 (field13) : 1.727 ha
Field 14 (field14) : 2.865 ha
Field 15 (field15) : 3.162 ha
Field 16 (field16) : 58.640 ha
Field 17 (field17) : 18.055 ha
Field 18 (field18) : 190.137 ha
Field 19 (field19) : 17.394 ha
Field 20 (field20) : 46.456 ha
Field 21 (field21) : 173.290 ha
Field 22 (field22) : 75.719 ha
Field 23 (field23) : 32.417 ha

This is Early Access Version, so please report any bugs to me directly...

My website:

If you would like to support my work, any contributions are most welcome and received with a grateful heart..    :

paypal: [email protected]

Cazz64 for the blank 16x map
Giants fir the Editor

  • Name
    2020-05-23 10:15
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    Humbug No Multifruit no Download
    • Farmerb0b
      2020-05-23 13:30 Send message
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      Plenty of multifruit bro
    • Farmerb0b
      2020-05-23 13:38 Send message
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      For those who want to have the trees working right now here is a fix open the map zip file then open Maps folderThen extract mapi3d to desktopRight click select edit use any text editor like notepad or notepad itselfScroll down to the following file IDs and change to look exactly like this File fileId976 filenametreesAcasiatexturestreeBranchesdiffusedds File fileId975 filenametreesAcasiatexturestreeTrunksdiffusedds File fileId977 filenametreesAcasiawindShaderxmlOnce done Save the file a
  • David
    2020-05-23 12:55
    1 0
    Hi just letting you know the large trees are not textured with this version
    • Farmerb0b
      2020-05-23 13:28 Send message
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      thanks brother
  • Farmerb0b
    2020-05-23 13:28 Send message
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    eish guys... the Acasia trees caught me again, the shaders went missing... i have already fixed it together with a few other requests..changed the cow stables to be sellableadded realistic land pricesSome tracters were a bit off the ground at the dealer display...:)Soon to come in v.002
  • Farmerb0b
    2020-05-23 13:40 Send message
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    For those who want to have the trees working right now here is a fix, open the map zip file, then open Maps folder,Then extract map.i3d to desktopRight click select edit (use any text editor like notepad++ or notepad itselfScroll down to the following file ID's and change to look exactly like this:
  • Farmerb0b
    2020-05-23 13:42 Send message
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    hmmmmsorry guys the website chucks the codelines away or messes them up... just hang on fix is on its way...
  • Farmerb0b
    2020-05-23 14:11 Send message
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    Here is a workaroundhttps://drive.google.com/open?id=1TftRdWrhm_X6hgvejr8G3Gao3PB1neghDownload the fixed .i3d and overwrite the one in the GariepSouthAfrica.zip under directory maps.This will sort out the trees for now...:)
  • Farmerb0b
    2020-05-23 19:21 Send message
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    Hi everybody...Just re-download i have updated the download site with the new file, all been fixed and did the following whilst i was busy:Fixed tree shaders, tractors in the air now sortedCows pen can now be soldIf you sell the dry fertiliser fillstation, the sheds will also go, for those who want the sheds gone.Edited the land pricesAdded a lot of signs to the sellpoints and shops etc..Enjoy :)Farmer B0B
  • N vriend
    2020-05-24 20:51
    1 0
    will net se dankie, vir jou om n regte plaas t maak ek het ook nou my 1ste map grelease Arc Haven 16x ,dis bietjie tyd dat die amerikaanse en europian mense n bietjie n taste kan he van ons Suid-afrikaanse idees, baie goeie werk op jou map ...
    • Farmerb0b
      2020-05-25 06:59 Send message
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      thanks man jy kan n link hier post ek sal graag wil loer of epos vir my n link as jy nie omgee nie dankie
  • Name
    2020-05-25 10:30
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  • Johnny
    2020-05-25 11:34
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    Hello 'n Vriend. Man, so reg uit die perd se mond uit...Suid Afrika is freeking pragtig, Ian wys die mense hoe mooi is ons land.....Beautiful Environment.
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