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Greenhouses Manure Trailer Filling v1.3.0
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Greenhouses Manure Trailer Filling v1.3.0

These are the greenhouses from the mod hub with the most important feature:
- the manure trough can be filled with every trailer!
(I copied the fill-trigger from a greenhouse of Stevie "FentonForest1.34byStevie" - Map,
thank you for this wonderful map)

further: (for now only tomato * + lettuce *) Price: € 21.500, - 10 € / day
Capacity: 7800l each - consumption: 65l / hour
Textures revised. Size scales are bigger and make more on the map

Due to the increased material consumption, there are higher yields, the buildings achieve the following yield:
on EASY: <incomePerHour1> 385 </ incomePerHour1>
on MEDIUM: <incomePerHour2> 295 </ incomePerHour2>
on HEAVY: <incomePerHour3> 205 </ incomePerHour3>

* versions with other vegetables and deco might follow, if the worthy downloaders might be in favor of grading and thanking me for my work.

In the pipeline are: pumpkin, melon, wheat cabbage, red cabbage, cucumber ...

have fun and enjoy it ... happy farming ... SmlehliW

filltrigger von Stevie "FentonForest1.34byStevie"
edit by SmlehliW

  • Nice adjustment
    2019-05-04 12:26
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    However why not just use Stevie's Greenhouse Mod Pack, which is already much better then the Greenhouse Pack on the ModHub and has more Greenhouses in it? His pack already contains the one's you listed as being in the pipeline.
  • Dot dot dot.
    2019-05-04 17:20
    1 6
    His pack is shit. That would be why you weak scrub.
  • Farmerlee
    2019-05-04 17:37 Send message
    4 0
    I thought this game was for adults, why can't folks have a discussion without it getting personal?
  • Oldman
    2019-05-04 17:40
    4 0
    dot..dot...dot..you are an ass...Stevies pack is much better
  • Lol


    2019-05-12 20:49
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    sans les palette ses de la merde
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