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Hauer Snow Pack v1.0.0.0
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Hauer Snow Pack v1.0.0.0

Snow removal tools from Hauer. Spread salt to remove small layers of snow. Salt does not work on deeper snow. Use the snow plow to move around any snow.

Hauer TS215 salt spreader
Price: 12000€
Max. working speed: 25 kph
Working width: 4 m
Container volume: 1500 l

Hauer SRS3 snow plow with adjustable blade
Price: 16000€
Max. working speed: 25 kph
Working width: 3 m

Required Mods:
- Seasons (By: Realismus Modding)

GIANTS Software, Realismus Modding

  • Ssgtpappy
    2019-07-24 19:30
    2 2
    where do you get salt, if the map you like and use doesn't have salt for the salter (I only know of one map that has a salt mine production) so any help you give I'll be grateful for.Thanks
  • Re ssgtpappy
    2019-07-24 19:58
    4 2
    salt pallets are included in the Seasons mod
  • Ssgtppapy
    2019-07-24 20:02
    2 2
    thanks for the info where do you buy them?
  • Ssgtpappy
    2019-07-24 20:14
    2 2
    forget my last message, just found it in the bigbags area of the store. thanks very much for all your help
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