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Houle Pack With Ramps v1.0.0.0
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Houle Pack With Ramps v1.0.0.0

Here is the V1 of the GEA Houle manure tanks pack!

Hey guys, here is a little gift for you, the Houle manure tanks pack for FS19, this is the V1 of it. We will try to add dirt texture and new texture system on it for the next version and maybe another option! Don’t be shy to tell us if you find out some issues.

GEA Houle Manure tanks with folding ramps
– Capacity: 4000, 6100 and 7900 gal.
– Folding ramps
– Old style or New stickers option
– Directionnal wheels

Fraser Cow

Modeling for the folding ramps:
Team P.A.C. Modding

Converting and scripting for FS19:
Appalaches Modding

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    "old stickers" there it is, STICKERS COME ON THEIR DECALS
  • Wtfwtf
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    "THEIR" there it is, THEIR COME ON IT'S THEY'RE
  • El duv
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    where is the credit ? ( Appalaches modding)
  • Wildbill1
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    @EL DUV--- Well, LOOK IN THE CREDITS.....Its plain as day.
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