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Iconik UAL Haulers v1.0
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Iconik UAL Haulers v1.0

RELEASE: Iconik UAL Haulers
The Hauler Pack with 2 new haulers added + UAL functions added to the 4 smaller haulers
details below or images coming soon.

DETAILS: -> Facebook <-
Donation Link: paypal.me/IconikUpgrades

Iconik, Expendables, Exley

  • Iconik
    2019-05-31 09:02 Send message
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    *Reported Errors on Private Servers: If you know of a stable UAL trailer on private servers please PM me, leave a message here, or reach out to my FB page so I can update it. Thanks
  • Icke
    2019-05-31 14:38
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    EN:Don't get trapped by the name. Ther is "NO" UAL for FS19.This mod uses EAL (EasyAutoLoad)DE:Lasst euch nicht beirren, es gibt "KEIN" UAL für LS19.Hier ist EAL verbaut (EasyAutoLoad)
    • Iconik
      2019-05-31 17:39 Send message
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      Curious on the differance other than how "easy" it is to code / setup? Guessing you dont turn it on and drive close to bales / pallets and it auto loads them, just like UAL did in 17...
  • @iconik
    2019-05-31 16:53
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    You're using a very old version of the EAL script. I'd suggest talking to the guy who made the script, he's not hard to find
    • Iconik
      2019-05-31 17:43 Send message
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      Finding and him responding are 2 different things...Last time I tried he never responded. Ive found a few scripts that are newer versions, but from what Ive read Dedicated Servers and the Autoload functions are buggy?
  • Marko
    2019-05-31 23:08
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    What is the biggest capacity for bales in this pack?
    • Iconik
      2019-06-01 01:07 Send message
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      PJ 40' - 33 Square / 38 Round (small square bales is a lot more)
  • Jua


    2019-06-01 01:30
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    YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB KEEP IT UP!!!!! Small utility trailer not reloading small bales in original position, loads them half way back and hanging out back of trailer also grid not showing up for positioning.
    • Iconik
      2019-06-01 09:12 Send message
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      Not sure I unloaded and loaded everything numerous times, however I have the newest script after locating alfalfa6945 and was told by a server user that it seams to be stable on their server. Its implemented already just a few more tweaks and a updated version should be out soon
  • Bob


    2019-06-01 12:57
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    i like the crazy mods you have done in the cotton and header packs would like to see some more crazy equipment (planters, potatoe/ sugarbeet harvesters, cultivators etc.) i love playing with the crazy tools/equipment but no one seems to want to create much of them which makes it hard to run a complete crazy farm.
  • Trucker
    2019-06-03 12:09
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    another fuскеd mod from this thieve!yes. supported him. idiots!!!
    • Iconik
      2019-06-04 07:12 Send message
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      Thief? LMAO sweetheart I have permission which is why I just uploaded the update...
  • Trucker
    2019-06-04 23:41
    0 2
    In what are the updates ?! - model COLOR CHANGING ?!
  • Trucker
    2019-06-04 23:42
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    Have a permissions - no problem! --- But for what you getting donations?
  • Trucker
    2019-06-04 23:43
    0 2
    Better take the old mods and update them for 19
    • Iconik
      2019-06-05 03:23 Send message
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      Sir I see you seam to be a huge fan! With that said the updates ect are listed with the update. (something tells me you will find it) Old mods? To my understanding they are all UDIM and already updated. If its not up to your liking however, then may I suggest right clicking on it and then clicking delete. TADAH! Its gone so now you can carry on being a internet warrior on another mod...Perhaps the updated version...LMAO As for donations...one simply asked where do they donate? So I provided
  • Visionair
    2019-07-11 12:32
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    @ICONIK, I admire your patience man! Guys like that so called Trucker would make me use another language that is not allowed here. Keep up the good work brother!
  • Does this work?
    2019-08-17 04:03
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  • Federino54
    2020-01-02 06:12 Send message
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    I love this mod pack. My favorite trailer is the red semi trailer. I use it all the time when I transport stuff from the shop back to my farm.
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