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JD XUV865M Gator with 46ps, 75kmh and license plates v1.0.0.2
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JD XUV865M Gator with 46ps, 75kmh and license plates v1.0.0.2

This is the original John Deere XUV865M Gator with 46ps and 75kmh max. License plates are also grown.

License plate light now turns on and off with lights, now hangs on the tailgate and light beam visibility is adjusted.
Small performance optimizations.

Should be error free, log is clean. If you do not like the license plate light from the "nothing" seems without visible lamp: I'm sorry, is my first mod for the LS and I'm still learning.
PS: Locked off on 75 Kmh, because he is hardly controllable otherwise, but I advise: drive carefully when the first lying around, he can not be so easily put back on the tires ... (Has nothing to do with the mod, is original like that)
Have fun and good farming ;-)
LG Ultima HEF
PPS: Have taken as license plate MOD: HOSTER, hope that's ok for the Bordberteiber. If there is interest, I can write a guide how times can simply install his own two license plates by changing only two images.


  • Hhh


    2019-01-22 14:19
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    I know it's easy to change the license plate, but why did you do this in first place? No one wants to drive around with the "modhoster"-plate! Now everybody has to change it. -.-
  • Michael
    2019-01-27 17:13
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    I Can't get the mods i need because this data is not supported by this data
  • Umm...
    2020-11-05 20:41
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    is this mod good or no?!?!??!?!
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