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JD90 Skid Steer Loader v1.0.0.0
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JD90 Skid Steer Loader v1.0.0.0

Skid Steer Loader JD 90 with Shovel.
Relive the agriculture of the 80's!
Price: 25000 €
Max. power: 71 hp
Max. speed: 20 kph

Blacksheep Modding

  • Beat that pc players
    2019-10-01 18:27
    2 9
  • Name
    2019-10-01 18:34
    5 3
    Yet i have it on PC u dick
  • Carl
    2019-10-01 18:53
    1 3
    Thank GOD For Another Day, Thank You Lord!
  • Name
    2019-10-01 19:42
    0 7
  • Dont get mad now pc players
    2019-10-01 19:47
    2 7
    us console players are getting the good mods now so SUCK IT UP!!!
  • Name
    2019-10-01 19:50
    0 6
    why dont u pc players like us console guys? #COCK
  • Franck
    2019-10-01 19:53
    3 2
    i'm eating sloppy joe's right now, Now back to my sandwich!!
  • Caamo
    2019-10-01 20:05
    7 3
    Everything you have for PS4, we have for PC too, and 10 times more other mods... Even better ones... Oh... almost forgot... PC IS better than PS4 ;) (not the crappy ones though)
  • Oh dear
    2019-10-01 20:07
    7 3
    Really is sad to come to a PC mod site to brag about console mods that we get anyway for PC , says more about you tbh , childish with a strong hint of Jealousy comes to mind. I applaud BSM for their dedication to get mods to console , being a PC and Console player. But no point throwing toys out of your pram if for some reason a mod doesn't make it to consoles , its not always in the hands of the modder .
  • Console is better face it
    2019-10-01 20:26
    2 8
    At least i don't look like a nerd on my computer all the time hiding in my room playing PC i'm in the living room with all my family and friends playing ps4 Nothing to hide like u PC guys So have fun on your PC in your room all day! i'm gonna go play farm sim on my PS4 for a little bit than go ride my dirt bike in the woods =)
  • Yeah okay
    2019-10-01 20:29
    6 3
    i had a ps4 and shot it with my mossberg, So that's what i think on Console, I'm gonna go play FS19 with all my NAME BRAND ford, dodge and chevy trucks you guys would never have!
  • Sfestates
    2019-10-01 23:30 Send message
    1 3
  • Console plebs
    2019-10-02 01:08
    3 4
    Console players are complete plebs and just cant admit it. Just my cpu without a cooler is worth more than your whole console system... How is your 60 max FPS plebs? How is your upscaled 4k plebs? How is paying for online access plebs?
  • @ console plebs
    2019-10-02 01:12
    1 5
    Hows ur LAG hahahahahahahah No lag no consoles =)
  • Derp
    2019-10-02 03:48
    1 2
    Hey console dude stuck on the couch I can feel ya broI set on my couch with my pc connected to my multi montior big screens with wireless keyboard, mouse and controllersMany monitors so I can play games, chat, web surf, picture in picture of p.. I mean my favorite tv shows going all at the same time. AND my tablet for dashboard display Yup i feel ya console dude nothing like being a couch potato with my feet setting on top of the busted console whi
  • 0 5
    I saw 15 comments & I thought it was a buggy/laggy/ problematic mod but it was just another PC/console comment war...
  • Name
    2019-10-02 16:43
    3 2
    You guys are getting decent mods now which is a year after the game came out
  • To console users:
    2019-10-03 06:54
    4 1
    you guys all suck major a$$ ok? no one likes you, you are all a bunch of pu$$ie$, who will never to get to experience the pc master race because you are: a. too broke or b. too dumb to figure a pc out. i dont feel sorry for you console guys, not one bit, move over to pc if you want mods, quit whining about your console mod problems, mmk?? so heres my question, how did you comment on here? did you use a computer? just install farm sim on the computer you just used to type your comments out. hones
  • To console users (cont.):
    2019-10-03 06:55
    2 1
    tly, you console users are more dumb than i thought :/ f**king n00bs, pc master race ftw!!! i hate consoles, pc is better by a long shot.
  • Name
    2019-10-03 07:49
    1 1
    u just mad cuzz us console guys are getting the good stuff and we have better people on R side like mrsealyp and FSClub and DJgoHam so FFFFF off pc suckers!!!!!!!! and for ur info i have a chorebook that im on and it dont run farm sim i tried it dont run ur stupid steam app
  • Sliver  news
    2019-10-03 07:58
    1 2
    Guys stop fighting hug it out, Good stuff coming soon!
  • Name
    2019-10-03 22:41
    2 0
    Silver news you are goon and stop wearing the same hoodie for all your videos haha
  • Console cucks
    2019-10-05 03:32
    0 0
    I just said it all....
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