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Jeep Gladitor v1.0.0.0
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Jeep Gladitor v1.0.0.0

Here is my amazing Jeep Gladiotr! I hope you all can enjoy this amazing truck! It is the best Jeep mod that ever came!

All model work done by Cole Ashlock, and James Doherty

Custom 1 off build frame.
Retrofitted interior.
Basically 90% done by me  (Cole)

ALL Done by James

XML, G.E. work   

James, and Cole.

Do not upload this mod to other sites, please share orginal link.  

I know the Jeep isn't 100% yet.  I still need to finish up the front and rear axles, and add more detail there.  

This is VERSION 1.  I'll update it when I feel like it so dont ask.

How to mount winch, get the mountable winch mod.   Then drive up to it.  

Lifted Jeep you will have to pick the winch up, toss it on the hood, then hop in jeep and hit Q to connect it.
Only way I could get it to work without a shit ton more work.

Me Cole Customs

  • Name
    2020-09-08 01:31
    3 1
    i like ripping out my noise hair's...
  • Trump 2020
    2020-09-08 01:33
    21 16
    Trump will win again!
  • Black lives matter
    2020-09-08 01:39
    14 23
    trump will not win!!!!!
  • Have to agree
    2020-09-08 02:16
    15 4
    america is one fucked up country
  • ????????
    2020-09-08 04:08
    4 0
    155mb???? what the heck for... this shouldnt be any bigger then maybe 30 at the most. clean up your files..
  • All lives matter
    2020-09-08 04:29
    4 4
    these jeeps are fucking ugly. just watch, they'll start making camper shells (toppers) for these things LMAO!
  • Vbird
    2020-09-08 05:14 Send message
    0 0
    hey can you make the jeep truck very detail please make a new one please
  • The bear
    2020-09-08 09:51
    2 3
    nice car, but where is the ignition key ?
  • Name
    2020-09-08 22:21
    0 0
    l'asw;.sdxa;sda;'dfmsf;kd'f s' spam
  • All


    2020-09-09 01:23
    2 1
    All Lives Matter Approved! exception extreme criminals.
  • It isnt working
    2020-09-09 02:21
    0 0
  • @the bear
    2020-09-09 02:25
    2 0
    there is no such thing as an ignition key anymore on newer cars. it's just a stoopid push button rofl, so fucking dumb
  • Why the fuck
    2020-09-09 04:50
    1 0
  • Biden is a pedophile !
    2020-09-09 04:50
    9 0
    #Trump2020 FUCK BLM and Antifa !
  • Dont say that
    2020-09-09 06:36
    15 8
    saying all lives matter is very bad to say, its a smack in the face to black lives matter
  • Trump2020
    2020-09-09 13:24
    0 0
    Love the mod thanks!
  • @don't say that
    2020-09-09 13:51
    7 1
    Sooooo, what you're saying is "White Lives Don't Matter", is that what you're saying? Yep that's how you keep racism alive not solve it you idiot.
  • America!
    2020-09-09 15:55
    5 1
    Well if Black people don't like America and the shit we do here GO back to Africa, You can go back there and don't have to deal with Us white people! Trump 2020!!!
  • Csx68
    2020-09-09 16:43 Send message
    8 12
    Y'all uneducated, all lives matter, no one exclusive "race". Quit acting like fools. If the terrorist group BLM does not like it than they can go f*ck themselves.
  • @csx68
    2020-09-09 19:45
    1 4
    I agree 100%
  • I agree
    2020-09-09 22:30
    12 8
    You can't say All Lives Matter in a time like this, Right now we all have to take care of black people and give them every thing we worked for.
  • Arthur
    2020-09-10 00:20
    0 3
    It must be Thursday, ...I never could get the hang of thursdays
  • Oh my fuuuuuuuuck
    2020-09-10 03:34
    6 3
    all lives matter bitches I dont care if your black, white, green, purple we all matter it just started with a police man doing his job and all pussy ass americans started disrespecting this country fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck the liberals
  • Csx68
    2020-09-10 04:07 Send message
    4 5
    IKR @Above
  • Csx68
    2020-09-10 04:14 Send message
    7 8
    To the four dislikes, welcome to real-life, GET A JOB! I work for everything I got, y'all aint gettin' my internet, my guns, my future, my families future, my hobbies, my utilities, my respect. As they say in Texas, dont start shit you cant finish, & y'all cant even start shit without a good cause. These times are in NEED of honorable men & women like me, not kids who cry to Momma & Daddy because someone turned off the TV. Get off your lazy ass, fill those applications out & find out how much of
  • @csx68
    2020-09-10 05:01
    8 7
    You do realize that you can't say that kind of stuff right? Saying All Lives Matter is very bad to say! i'm a 68 years old white man and i worked all my life and the way the world is going right now we have to live by the BLM rules, Yes i know it's sucks but we have to play by the rules there taking over.
  • You above me
    2020-09-10 05:08
    6 0
    Are you losing your fucking mind? FUCK Black Lives Matter they stand for NOTHING GOOD! that's less then 1% of the fucking world that's acting a fucking fool, BLM are just like the fucking taliban in Iraq!
  • @black lives matter
    2020-09-10 05:57
    6 6
    fuck you ALL LIVES MATTER no matter if they are black,white,blue or pink.
  • Fuck the democrats!
    2020-09-10 05:59
    5 7
  • Name
    2020-09-10 20:55
    0 3
    It's hard work listening to seppo's carrying on about unimportant shit, they just become so ...Yawn ...next.
  • Ford driver
    2020-09-10 21:15
    4 2
    So I was driving to work in the rain the other day when I saw a large puddle of water on the side of the road, so I swerved to drive through it just for the laugh. The fact that I drenched a group of white people holding BLM banners was just a coincidence, honest.
  • Lmao
    2020-09-10 21:57
    10 2
    Every life matters idiots, I am not going to give black people special treatment just because they are black. What about Asians? They got spat on because of Covid, and what do we do? Nothing... What about Hispanic's? We make fun of Mexicans all the time, but what do we do? Nothing... *shakes head* We do so much for black people and it's never enough. All of you people want racism to end? STOP MAKING EVERYTHING ALL ABOUT ONE CERTAIN RACE!!!
  • @ @csx68
    2020-09-10 22:09
    8 2
    to the 68 year old, we have to do what now? live by "their" rules? what do you mean? HAHAHAHAHAHA! and then "give" them what "we" worked for?? excuuuuse me, democrat? you want "me" to work my ass off and then give that money to people who would rather sit on their ass and not work??? EXCUUUSE ME BUT HOW IS THAT FAIR??!
  • Csx68 is spitting facts!!!
    2020-09-10 22:16
    8 1
    Damn dude, kodos to you! That was well said. I am tired of having to work long hours and not seeing my wife and kids ever. All because we want to give them to black people even though they can work themselves? Sorry, but that's not how the world works. I've often thought of suicide because of these issues, I feel sorry for my wife and my kids, they deserve better than this awful world with full of dipshits like BLM and all of the other idiots following it. I am a 39 year old Japanese American ma
  • 7 1
    What you people are doing is not right!
  • Name
    2020-09-10 22:19
    4 0
    thiss jeepp glaaditoar nott politicf deebate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Name
    2020-09-10 22:46
    1 0
    Comment... just realized something... isn't it odd how those BLM supporters are saying everything triggers us? goddammit, fucking trolls, they got us good. :(
  • Read this
    2020-09-10 23:16
    1 1
    all lives matter whether it you are Black, Native, White, Asian, Mexican or a infant. abortions' are evil. I want TRUMP in and I'm from Canada
  • I agree with read this
    2020-09-10 23:33
    1 1
    i agree with you, however i disagree that abortions are evil.
  • Really???
    2020-09-10 23:37
    10 1
    Did you guys really just turn a mod site into CNN? Fuck BLM Fuck Trump Fuck all the pussy ass grown men who dick ride Trump i live my own life work my ass off pay my bills enjoying the outdoors and enjoy the shit i worked for y'all need to stop worrying about the next man and do your own shit! I swear 2020 people turned into bitches
  • @i agree with read theis
    2020-09-10 23:45
    0 3
    Abortion is evil , they rip infants apart when they a still alive.
  • 0 3
    BTW is this coming to PS4?
  • @really?
    2020-09-11 01:40
    4 0
    yes, finally someone else has a brain in this comment section!
  • Whiskey
    2020-09-11 05:22
    0 2
    This comment thread is why aliens wont visit us. People out here arguing online, spoutin their opinions. Its a modsite yall. Fuckin' chill.
  • Something to think about
    2020-09-11 11:24
    0 2
    There is nothing so dangerous as an opinion borne from ignorance.
  • Watch this video
    2020-09-12 01:17
    4 0
    Watch this video about how BLM is a joke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-zCQgSle10
  • Why would blm exist?
    2020-09-12 04:14
    3 0
    If you idiots do not know, BLM is a terrorist organization. Biden and BLM are trying to stop Trump!!! If Biden wins (probability: never) we will have taxes raised by 4,000,000,000,000%. We NEED to stop Biden!!! ASAP AND MAYBE EVEN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Biden 2020
    2020-09-13 02:44
    1 5
    thats all i got to say! i'm i right Biden 2020!!
  • Fuck biden
    2020-09-14 05:00
    5 0
    Biden is a pedophile and a nitwit. Here are a few idiotic things Uncle Joe Cornpop has said in interviews: "I'm Joe Biden's husband," "Poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids," "If you vote for Trump, you aren't black," "Hi I'm Joe Biden, and I running for U.S. Senate, I mean, President." Yeah... think about that folks... Do you really want this fool? No? Me neither.
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