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John Deere 2730 v1.0.0.0
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John Deere 2730 v1.0.0.0

Width: 8M
Price: $93,314
Function: Plow
HP Required: 550HP min
Original JBL Modding
Conversion FS19 West Central Modding FS19


  • John27rx
    2019-01-01 17:21 Send message
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    Thank you so mach for this mode
  • Drakomis
    2019-01-01 23:08 Send message
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    Sorry Thomas, but once again one of your mods is broken. This one gets stuck in the ground. I know you don't fix your mods, so this will probably never be fixed.DO NOT DOWNLOAD.Hope you improve it!
  • Errors
    2019-01-01 23:32 Send message
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    this needs some work but i know it has potential but as of right now the errors need fixing
  • Dtrain
    2019-01-01 23:38 Send message
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    This looks awesome in the game. One big issue is it appears the y axis is set to low and the wheels and part of the shanks are in the ground at purchase. I tried to hook a tractor to them to see if it would put out but it will not. This could be a very awesome mod if fixed. Love all the JD mods and can't wait to see what else you do. Been waiting for someone to do a 9 series RT or R tractor...hint hint...
  • Jester116
    2019-01-02 01:21 Send message
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    this sucks
  • Wodzu
    2019-01-02 02:55 Send message
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    more american style mods on https://www.facebook.com/fs19usastylemods
  • Hurstjh
    2019-01-03 05:15 Send message
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    I really like this mod. When I hooked up the challenger or JD8400 to it then it came out of the ground. The problem that it has is that when you hire a worker the tractors can't turn around at the end of the field. If this could be fixed along with it starting out half buried then it would be great. I know I would use it all the time. Thank you for doing this!
  • Rkbet
    2019-01-06 18:30 Send message
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    Most of you don't know that THOMAS does not mod. He just uploads mods. So complaining to him is pointless.
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