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John Deere 8R v1.0.0.0
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John Deere 8R v1.0.0.0

– All motor configuration: 8245R, 8270R, 8295R, 8320R, 8345R, 8370R and 8400R
– Remodel to american version: Signs, Weight, Lights and more
– Tires: Firestone Row Crops / Goodyear LSW (more than 5 different settings)
– New wheels and textures


FB: https://www.facebook.com/custom.mdg/
YT: https://www.youtube.com/custommodding
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/custommodding

Custom Modding

  • Glue™
    2018-12-06 20:53 Send message
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    TAKE THIS.... NOT CUSTOM MODDING SHIT...... http://www.farmingsimulator19mods.com/john-deere-pack-usa-tractor-v1-0-0-2-fs19/
  • @glue
    2018-12-06 23:19 Send message
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    Are you fucking retarded? Or what? Must have been dropped on your head as a baby.
  • Bluesky
    2018-12-06 23:46 Send message
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    Only an poor Cry Baby who can nothing with modding, only open and edit mods in ge behind the Internet anonymous :D very poor...
  • Custom modding
    2018-12-07 00:31 Send message
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    Hey lads, nice to see you paying sheeps here doing what you can to defend me, now give me some cash.
  • @jhhg modding
    2018-12-07 03:00 Send message
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    Nice to see the hypocrite JHHG Modding here, er JHHG Editing I mean. Fuckin idiot.
  • Willey
    2018-12-07 03:24 Send message
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    whats up with all this garbage talk???? what are boys like 10 year olds?..... must be???? Really sad to see this childish talk.Great job on these tractors Custom!! :)...... there awesome!!
  • Lol wut
    2018-12-07 22:46 Send message
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    @ Willey They have nothing better to do then cock gobble for one tard "editing" other peoples models or leaving credits out of mods and calling it their own
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